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    Default Hello, I'm Gummybear

    I go by Gummybear Spore on Second Life. I have been a babyfur for about 7 years. I roleplay as a wolf cub. I also play neopets- all day. I was here as "marsridge" before but lost my email password. Good to be back.

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    A little real life info: I'm 24, female and live near Seattle, WA. I want to work for Microsoft one day. I'm Mormon.

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    Neopets! Sweeeet lol, I got banned from that soooooooo many times. I guess Mr. Asparagus dosent like my style!

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    Neopets is pretty epic. I had a blast on there when I was younger. Well, welcome to ADISC! Feel free to ask us anything, or share some of your own knowledge; we love to learn! We aren't judgemental (although we are grammar nazis), so don't be shy.

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    Welcome, neopets was pretty interesting. Make sure, if you haven't already, to join the ADISC group on second life.

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    Nobody ever seems to talk on the adisc second life group. And Adam and Donna left neopets a long time ago My accounts gonna be 10 year old soon.

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    Welcome to ADISC! Or rather, welcome back! I used to go to Neopets a while ago, but not really anymore. I think my account is still there, but I haven't logged in for a long, long time. I tried Second Life once, but I never went back to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gummybear View Post
    Nobody ever seems to talk on the adisc second life group.
    probably due to the lack of people online in the group. Don't think I've ever seen more then 3 on there at one time :/

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