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Thread: Do you remember...?

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    Default Do you remember...?

    Those mittens children used to have, that had the long strong attached to thread through jacket sleeves so you couldn't lose them?

    Well Cath Kidson are selling adult ones this winter

    My mum and I were shopping today and she wanted to buy me some new gloves since I work outside so much and mine are all grotty with holes in from wearing so often, and we found these ones which are really tight knitted wool, so very cosy. They're fingerless gloves, but also have a loop over mitten part, and a huge long string to thread through my jacket

    This is a link to the childrens ones, but I couldn't find a picture of mine online!

    Mine are blue and green and pink and purple and utterly awesome

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    They also used to have clips that clipped the mitten to the sleeve. I had those as a kid.

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    That's cool, I remember my own (hated them). I'm always loosing my work gloves in the shop this would fix that. LOL
    Do they have leather work models. ^_^

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    Ooh, if they bhave become popular again that will be so exciting! A couple of years ago I fashioned by own by attaching a long piece of wool to a pair of bright pink woolly mittens I had, but my sewing skills obviously left much to be desired because one of the mittens came off. I will have to keep a look out for them

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    They sound adorable! I never had ones like that growing up, by they do sound very practicle as I'm always loosing my glooves.

    Cath Kidston stuff is always so lovely.

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    I do remember looseing a glove at a CubFoods after my mom told me to hold onto them, I never did have the kind that snapped to my coat.

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    I had the same kind that dog mentioned, the clips that attach to your gloves/mittens and jacket.

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    I've never seen those before. Weird. I mean, I remember wearing mittens when I was a kid, but not with strings attached to them.

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