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Thread: You Are Who You Are, Might As Well Love Yourself

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    Talking You Are Who You Are, Might As Well Love Yourself

    Ok, after MUCH thinking, I have decided to accept myself and all my flaws, and anyone who tries to change me can shove it. The reason I made this thread is to tell people, you are who you are, might as well love yourself. I've seen some people on here who have done this, and, generally, they are happy. I've also seen people who are haven't accepted themselves, they are, in some cases, not happy. I'm not telling people to suddenly accept a bad habit, if you have a bad habit, and it's hurting your life, change it, but things like being a *B/DL, gay, a fan of something, or anything else like that, you don't have to change. This is just a thought, if you think you need to suddenly stop being a *b/dl because someone told you God or Jesus thinks it's wrong, tell the person who told you that to read a bible, then hit them with a bible (don't actually hit them with a bible, that's assault, which I'm pretty sure is illegal.) All and all, accept who you are, accept your flaws, and live happily. If anyone wants to talk to me personally, feel free to PM me or leave me a visitor message.
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    That's pretty much what Jesus said; love yourself and love others, no matter what they do.

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    Way to go! You beat me to that relization by quite a few years. =)

    *hugs* All we can be is ourselves; as long as we aren't hurting anyone, who cares?

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    As humans, we are flawed. We are bound to make mistakes.
    As humans, we are different. There can never be two perfectly identical people.

    Do not view your differences as flaws, nor view the characteristics of others as flaws.
    If the entire human population accepted that everyone is different and not fight over such things, I guarantee the world would be an interesting, better place to live.

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    Recently, I had a very difficult time accepting and loving myself. I was angry with myself for being different - for having a rare condition that caused behavior that I found objectionable. But I have changed my opinion of myself. I realize that I am harmless for the most part. Infrequently, when I am having a bad day I might say something that hurts someone's feelings. But I know from my 12 step group that I need to make amends as soon as I can, provided I don't do further damage by so doing.

    As far as being *B/DL, when I look at the vicissitudes of my life, I can understand why I am this way. I didn't choose it. Rather, it chose me. Now if it were harmful that would be regrettable. But on the contrary, it has helped me survive in some pretty adverse situations, and it has harmed no one. It helps me love myself, and as I accept it, it becomes a deep abiding source of comfort to me. Conversely, as I accept being *B/DL, it is less of an obsession and I gain the ability to manage it and not let it rule my life. I don't have to wear diapers all the time anymore because I accept my abilities as well as my disabilities, and it makes it OK to do something else until the need arises again.

    Before, I really believed that it was an all or nothing situation. I could not accept the idea that I was in control most of the time, and that wearing diapers was usually unnecessary, except as a comfort, but not because I was actually incontinent. I am only infrequently incontinent, when my emotions are too much to handle and I can't resist the compulsion to wet or mess myself. I can tell when those moments are likely to happen now, and it gives me a greater sense of self-efficacy because I can usually wear regular clothes instead of diapers now. And when I do wear them I don't heap guilt on myself because of it.

    Yeah I'm different, but I have a greater understanding of myself and it makes me feel a healthy compassion - not only for myself, but for others as well. I can be happy as I see how gentle I can be toward myself, and that is then easier to extend to the world around me.

    Thanks for the thoughtful thread Ben. and it's great to hear from you on the forum.


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    I don't understand how some people can wear diapers because they want to, and at the same time have the desire to stop.
    I also don't understand how people can date men and hate being gay.

    Either enjoy what your mind wants you to enjoy, or change!

    I enjoy my abnormalities.

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    our deviances from the rest of humanity are things to be appreciated, not things to be rejected. However, as unfortunate as it is, accepting such abnormality is something the general population will never do. in order to truly be ourselves (and not hide who we are from the rest of the world) we have to overcome the need for others to like us (which is a basic human social instinct)
    I certainly can't say I'm entirely there but I'm certainly progressing over time. my need to avoid conflict doesn't help XD
    but I do love myself... actually, I bring it to the point of arrogance :P it's certainly better than how I used to look at myself though.

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    By loving yourself and loving others, you are more inclined to see the positive aspects of yourself and others than the negative. This not only makes you a more happy and pleasant person overall, but it also allows you to identify your strengths and emulate others'.

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