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Thread: We got another one!

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    Post We got another one!

    Where to begin, where to begin...
    Never did like Introduction Forums. To me, it's merely an obstacle that requires effort to get around.
    Yes. I am lazy.

    Hi there! Name's Xero! I'm a... Decently friendly guy, I guess. It really depends on my mood. I don't really like to make enemies, so let's all be pals. We can dance around some roses! <3
    Now, when I looked at the 'Cheat Sheet' for Greetings, it seemed to have made things nice and simple; so I guess I'll start off with basics.

    I'm currently a UK College student in ICT Practice and am hoping to become a computer programmer in multiple languages (HTML, CSS, C, C++, PHP, Java, etc).
    I got into programming after playing around with the scripting that the IRC program, mIRC, provides. It's quite similar to C++ in my eyes.
    I'm technical minded, as I've spent practically my entire childhood around a games console or a computer. I'm always itching to learn more if possible.
    Besides computers, I'm also an amateur pianist, playing some basic things. I can't read music sheets for the life of me, and as such, I play by ear. I've had no official lessons, I'm just looking at tutorials online.

    Some of you may have seen me hanging around the ADISC IRC Chatroom. I got there without registering by using my mIRC... Guess that kind of makes me an invader. Sorry. ^^;
    I had been meaning to create an account for awhile now, I just never got around to it.

    Now, as for interests in diapers... To be frank, I can't really describe it very well.
    I have no desire to wear in real life, and I have no medical problems that require me to do. I have no interest in even trying it, and so I won't.
    Really, I just prefer to roleplay, so I'm not sure what that makes me. I'm not a *B/DL, am I? I dunno.
    I do like some pictures (As long as they aren't extremely excessive with their content), and I LOVE the ones that just make people look cute. <3
    I don't have sexual attraction to them, by the way. Just wanted to point that out, before I got questions about it. >>;
    I can't really say anything more; As I said, I'm not really sure how to describe it.

    I don't do a lot in my daily life to be honest. My interests can really vary, but it's mostly based on gaming. I love to hang around my friends as much as possible; They're great to have a laugh with, don't mind walking up to some fields with them and just relaxing or anything. Why, just the other week I went up to a big old monument with them. Fun times. :P
    On a different plate, I like to do some home exercises and eat healthily. I'm not vegetarian (Although one of my roleplay characters is), but I probably would be if I didn't love the taste of chicken. ^o^

    I don't know what I'd like to obtain out of this site. I guess I'll just look around and see what happens.
    I don't mind a little bit of everything, since I'm still "Exploring who I am." So I'm sorry if I may confuse you a little bit.

    I guess that's all I can write. If you guys think I'm missing anything, let me know and I'll see what I can tell ya.
    Look forward to meeting ya!

    Oh and, I'm not very confident when it comes to forums, so my posts aren't likely to be too high. :/
    But I'm always up for a chat in the IRC.


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    Hi Xero,

    For someone who describes himself as lazy when it comes to introductions you sure did do a good job of writing yours! It's always good to see new members taking the time to use the cheat sheet provided

    Anyway, welcome to the forums - it's great to see yet another UKer join our ranks.

    Some of your introduction went right over my head - I can just about use basic html to format text but otherwise all talk of programming and coding is just a blur of letters and symbols to me!

    But yay for hanging out in fields! I'm from Wales and that is one of the only things to do where I live sometimes - I too like visiting things like old monuments or abandoned houses etc with friends and just hanging out there with them too

    I like good food too, and I'm 99% vegetarian (I have a friend who does a lot of fishing, and I eat the fish he catches, but nothing else) - I don't know if you like cooking from recipes (as a general rule i don't) but if you are looking for good vegetarian food that doesn't feel like it's missing something I really recommend Yotam Ottolenghi's latest cookbook, Plenty. I went through it bookmarking all the dishes I wanted to try, and when i got to the end realised I'd bookmarked pretty much every page! It is yummy

    As for role-playing, once you become a established contributor here then you will gain access to the role-play forum which you make enjoy - as you can imagine it is mostly AB/DL orientated and some of the RPers need a bit of encouragement to move away from just posting 'Sally pooped her diaper and needs a change,' but I have seen some quite interesting role-play going on in the forum as well

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC and I look forward to seeing you around the forums

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    Thanks for the welcome.
    Not much of a cooking guy, actually; I can't stand hotter temperatures. I'm used to colder environments.
    I have relatives in Wales, I think my Older brother is doing University there too.

    I'll probably never role-play in the general role-playing forums even IF I gain access to them. As I said, I'm not very confident with forum posting. :P
    But I may check out others' if I obtain permission to view said forum.

    Again, thank you for the welcome, babyjess. ^^

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    *whistles* Wow, you put a LOT of detail there ^^, anyways welcome to the forums Xero!

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    Cool a computer programmer, nice career choice/goal. I been trying to learn some coding myself, but right now I'm working on my 3d Animation/modeling and art skills.

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    Wow best intro i have seen out of all the forums i have been on.A programer, how good are you i have been tring to program but not working out to well.

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    hey! what's up?

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    If any of you touch Xero I will eat you. XERO IS MAH BITCH! In the good way.

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