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Thread: i got my first car

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    Talking i got my first car

    alright, its my moms old Nissan Altima while she got the new Maxima
    but other than the fact i drive for another year its all cool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leo2500 View Post
    alright, its my moms old Nissan Altima while she got the new Maxima
    but other than the fact i drive for another year its all cool

    Canít drive for another year?
    Anyway congratulations!!!
    I got my first car, a 67 Fairlane wagon, at 15 and spent the next year getting it fixed up. Six months after I got my license I wrecked it and got a DUI too. 76 was a tough year. If youíre the first of your friends to drive donít let them get you in trouble.
    Congrats again!


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    yeah, cherish it and don't do anything stupid. my parents made me buy a oldsmobile for my first car for $3000 and i hated them and the car for it at least you have a cool car. oh, and if you were wondering, i broke the car a few months later, like i said... lol

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    Congrats on the new car!! My first car was a 1990 Honda CR-X!! I miss that car, it was taken from me by a drunk driver!!

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    Congrats on the new car!!! My first car and its the one I'm driving now was a 2007 navy blue Honda Civic. I love that car and it gets really good gas mileage.

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    First car is always a big thing! Even bigger than being legally able to drink etc in my opinion, because its gives you a lot of freedom! My (first) car is a 97 Honda Civic (2 door hatch) its a champ I never drive under the influence or speed (though I tend to corner at "unsafe speeds" within the limit apparently).

    My first set of "wheels" really was a 2006 Kawasaki ZZR 250 (motorbike) was my pride and joy. Cost me a fortune too being brand new then I dropped it when I slid out at an intersection There is nothing like an accident to make you a safer and more defensive driver/rider. Though I hope its something you wont have too go through Enjoy it and hopefully you wont try to wash it every day like I use too :P

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    Congrats! I didn't get my first car until 3 years after I got my license (19) and it was a '94 Topaz You'll always remember you first car more fondly than you probably should...

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    Dude just be thankful for the fact that you have your first car and you're not even 16!!! If we could all be so lucky. For me, I think it's more the fact that my parents don't trust me. Oh well, congrats.

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    Congratulations that a big milestone in your life, just clean it up and get to know the car inside and out, if you know something about cars, take this time to get it in proper working order, for when you get your licence.

    If you don't know what your doing find a freiind that will help you, it will be a great learning experience, for the both of you.....B

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