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Thread: Poll: At what age were you potty trained?

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    Default Poll: At what age were you potty trained?

    It looks like this hasn't been done in a little over a year, so I thought it'd be good to get an updated demographic--perhaps a bit more detailed than the last one. Ex., were you less than 2, just turned 2, 2.5, 3, or older than 3.5?

    In addition to roughly how old you were, do you remember if you were resistant to the idea? For example, I was trained a month or two after I turned 2.5, and I vaguely remember telling my mother I didn't want to be trained until 3 like some of my other friends, but I was ultimately convinced that that was because they weren't big boys and because I was a big boy I shouldn't wear diapers anymore. Anyone else?

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    I was around 2 and a half i think ^^

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    I was apparently potty trained at 2, i think. I remember resenting it when I was about 6 or 7.

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    I have absolutely no memory of being toilet trained. I answered 2.5 (30 months) because all of my older relatives have told me I was out of day diapers and wearing trainers at 26 months. I stopped wetting my trainers at 30 months and was dry all through the night at 33 months.

    So the funny thing is my first clear memory is Memorial Day Sunday 1968, about 6 weeks before I turned 4. My entire extended family, including my Dad, were at Renaissance Faire. On the main lawn, Mom had put me on a blanket so she could change my "just in case" diapers. The actress who was playing Queen Elizabeth I looked down at me and said she was pleased. That afternoon Mom took all us kids, including my older sister Penny (who was 9) out of the public sight to our tent, where Mom changed Penny's soaked diaper. Then Mom changed my younger sister and brother before changing me. Perhaps Mom had changed the younger kids before me in the morning and I did not notice. No way could they have gone so long without a change.

    Mom continued using the just in case diapers, which she always nicely asked us to wear, until each of us was mature enough to change our own diapers. All of us had tiny over-active bladders.

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    it was the time i was about to start school i was potty trained, at age 4. I don't really know why it was so late

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    Ah, this old chestnut. It's been asked a few times before.

    Here's at least one of the earlier polls:

    As I've mentioned before in threads like this, I wasn't potty trained until I was at least 3.5 years old, and I do remember wearing diapers and being terrified of having to train. I also recall all the accidents I used to have for years afterward, and often wishing I had a chance to wear again. I don't feel it's something we'll know any time soon. You could argue that training too soon will cause *BDLism, since people might want what they missed out on, or you could suggest it happens more often in late trainers, because they lived with diapers longer and had more time to develop an emotional attachment.

    Honestly, I don't feel as though it matters a great deal in the long run, but I feel it is at least a little intriguing as ideas go. It'll likely be years before we ever get more comprehensive data on the subject, assuming we ever do at all, considering so many *BDLs are in the closet or unaware, and those who aren't may not be so open about something so private and intimate.

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    i was around 1.5 years, well thats what im told, i have no memory of it

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    I believe I was potty-trained and dry both day and night by the time my sister was born when I was 16 months old. I have no recollection of it, I have a pretty good memory from when I was about 3+ and have no recollection of ever wetting my pants or wetting the bed as a toddler/child. My parents say they were lucky with my two siblings and I as we all pretty much potty-trained ourselves before the age of 2 and never really had accidents at all after we were trained.

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    I quit when I was three but had accidents until I was five.

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