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    Just DLed the trial of Super Meat Boy.

    This was designed for masochistic gamers - or perhaps it was designed to give a challenge to people who can breeze through the Mega Man games on "Hard" difficulty. Either way, it's very intense and punishing.

    Might pick it up later on (don't really have the funds for it this month).

    Anybody else here interested in this?

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    Yes! I want to get the full game, has it even come out yet? I've never tried the trial version, but from what I've seen it looks really good.

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    Yes, it has come out earlier this week.

    Looks like I may be picking it up by the end of the month - the XBox version has a deal that offers it for $10 until the end of October. After that, it will go up to $15 and stay there. That's one persuasive way to get people to purchase a game on its initial release, I would say.....

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