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Thread: Im new here!

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    Default Im new here!

    hello im really not good at introducing myself and i dont know how to start my intro
    ill just start by telling you my personality

    my personality:
    funny,weird,smart,wild,confusing and kinda nerdy
    i am in high school and i have good grades

    why i joined:
    i joined so i can meet other people who wear diapers like me!!
    people who are open minded about other people wearing diapers

    my other interests:
    i like to play games like Mw2,Assassins creed, all the good games
    i like to go out,watch hockey, my favourite team is vancouver canucks, they`re awesome!!

    why i started wearing diapers:
    i started to wear them because it reminded me of the good days
    good times, good times!!

    and that pretty much sums me up i didnt know how to start so i did it in list form!!

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    Hello and welcome to the forums

    Congrats on a good introduction - it's always good when people mention their interests outside of diapers in their introductions

    I'm guessing Mw2 and Assassins Creed are some sort of computer or console game, rather than old-fashioned-games you play in a field or board games? But I know very little about computer games and have never heard of them, but there are lots of gamers on here who I'm sure you will find to chat with - there is a sub-forum dedicated to computers and games in the off-topic section

    As for hockey, I know even less about that. It isn't very popular in the UK, although I did have to play it during PE for a couple of years at secondary school. I hate PE and my PE teachers and thus I hated hockey! But I also know there are a few other hockey fans on here too.

    Anyway, welcome to the forums - have a look around and get stuck in answering to some of the threads that interest you and I'm sure you will start making friends in no time Look forward to seeing you around.

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    Welcome! Great to have another gamer / hockey fan here. If you haven't found it already we have a group for Hockey fans at The Hockey Group - Its not too chatty at the moment, but feel free to drop in and talk Canucks or anything hockey related

    For your games, you play on Xbox, PS3 or PC? I personally play Xbox, but not that much recently as its getting ready to go red ring of death on me (had this thing for god knows how long).

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    I agree, good introduction, welcome aboard!

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    Whats your game console ? You getting black ops and the new medal of honar?

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    my game console is a ps3 and i might get both of those games,but i am getting black ops for sure

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