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    Hey there guys! I'm kinda sorta new here. I had an account, for a while apparantly, but forgot about it. Anyway - this is my intro for the site:

    I am a regular guy, I am easy going, nice, honest, dedicated, laid back, and hard working. I am easy to get along with, although I am blunt. I try to be as honest and real with people as possible. I am fiercely loyal. Family and friends mean the world too me, and I would do anything for them.

    I'm straight acting and masculine. I'm "out" to all my friends and family. I don't have any problems calling myself gay. My ABDL side is mostly on the down low though, except to close friends and family lol.

    What kind of stuff do I like? Well, almost anything outdoorsy, especially concerning water is awesome! I like hiking, shooting, driving, reading, playing games, hanging out, etc. I also like to sight see, travel, and meet new people, though I am quite shy, lol, and I also like photography, though I have not taken any pictures in forever. My interests are varied, but I will try almost anything once. I'm not into wild parties and all that, though I do like to have fun. I love to go out to eat and to the movies, but I'm equally comfortable staying home and relaxing on the couch in front of the tv or pc. And I like to go to the local 24 Hour Fitness in town quite often.

    I'm single and live in the Houston, Texas area, though I would probably like a different place though - anyone round here wanna roommie? lol.

    I currently work as a Chef offshore and have worked in the culinary arts and maritime industries pretty much all of my life, since I was 19ish. I did take a few years off while I was living in Missouri, where I got introduced to Corrections, Law Enforcement and security.

    In the ABDL world, I currently consider myself to be more of a DL than AB. I have grown up being a lifelong bed wetter till roughly 13 years old, and often times had both wet and messy accidents in the day as well. I was often punished and forced to wear diapers both at night and also during the day by some foster families and group homes. Some also tried the public humiliation aspect and tried to make it well known and obvious to anyone and everyone about how big a baby I was. Currently, I wear whenever possible, particularly at night, because I still do wake up in a wet bed or diaper on occasion. When not offshore, I am pretty much diapered.

    I have a great deal of "AB" wear, including many onesies, footed sleepers, plastic pants, cartoon/printed underwear and other things. I also have an adult sized rocking horse. Lol.

    I'm interested in meeting people who are cool, enjoy similar interests, and are accepting of others regardless of their faults, habits, or life circumstances, etc, to hang out with for 'above the belt' friendship, i.e. movies, dinner, parties, etc. I am not looking for a daddy or even a baby. No sex. Just honest to God simple old fashioned decent friendship.


    Please remember though, I do work offshore and cannot reply extremely quickly, but I will get back to you as soon as I can. HJ
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    welcome my friend.....i know you he he we have talked on other sites like rupadded.....well any how you will like it here....more mature and even keeled......glad to see ya here

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