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    I have enjoyed wearing diapers occasionally as a diaper lover for as long as I can remember. I recently discovered that I may have OAB and have been having to actually wear diapers all of the time. Due to anxiety/panic disorder, I have started wetting the bed and having slight leaks during the day. I am having mixed feelings about this change. While it may seem like a blessing, I am finding that I am not enjoying having to wear them all day. Just cam here to see if there are any others that have experienced anything like this.

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    I haven't experienced this, but welcome! We have plenty of people here that are all willing to help you with anything you need to know, so you have a problem. either post or PM it. I'm sorry that I can't exactly be any help to the situation at hand, but what I can do is welcome you and wish you the best!

    \\('-')// (Mr. Excited)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelpPlz1996 View Post
    either post or PM it.
    He cant PM dude, only use visitor messages. Only Regulars, VIPs, And Mods can use PM's.

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    Awesome...this guy's every transsexual's dream and admin's nightmare: He turned from female to male just by opening a second account on the website.
    I've given him a time-out until his next life to figure out what gender he really is. It's not too hard to do really...a mirror and the absence of clothing usually does the trick

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