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    Hey folks

    Finally decided to sign up, having loitered for a good while.

    So, about me. Well, I'm a 30 something guy from Hertfordshire but will quite often be found in and around London due to the wonders of the Oyster Card. I'd consider myself best described as a DL, as I have minimal interest in adult baby or regression stuff. I've played around with it, but it's just not my cup of tea. I've come to this stuff quite late really, as only really started exploring in my early 30s, mostly via my furry interests, which set of something of a self confidence bomb underneath me. To that end, I guess I fit the diaperfur category, although the two don't have to be linked, it just so happens all of my AB/DL friends are also furs. As to why I'm a DL, I think it's a reaction to day to day work and general life pressures. After a day of stress and deadlines and mortgage payments, it's great to come home, slip on a nappy and not have to worry about things for the rest of the night.

    In terms of "normal" interests, I'm a long time lover of pretty much any motorsport you care to mention, from F1 to NASCAR to drag racing, enjoy music of the metal variety, be it traditional (Iron Maiden) through to the Black or doom end of the spectrum, enjoy physical and cosmology and would consider myself a FLOSS enthusiast. A social pint or coffee with friends is always good as well.

    If you're out and about in the UK furry community, specifically London, you have a more than decent chance of finding me. I'm quite a private person, so even within the fairly broad church that is furry, my DL side is need to know only. If the conversation turns to it, I'll happily discuss it, but for now I intend to keep the two areas distinct, so different names, no journal links or anything.

    Main reason for joining here was just to be able to chat and enjoy my interests without having to feel secretive about things, as even though there's a lot of crossover, some folks are still hostile to the notion that some people enjoy nappies.

    Hope that ticks the correct introduction boxes

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    Hi there and welcome to ADISC, I can see by your post that you know your way around here and I am sure you will fit right in. I once went around the donnington track in what was then the brand new 2 litre astra 16v, I loved it. I also modded a mark one escort van, I fitted the 2 litre pinto engine in there with other obvious mods to fit like the cortina gearbox, high ratio diff etc. I am a furry too and a fursuiter although I live up north I head to confuzzled for a great con. Have fun here, there must be hundereds here like you and me.

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