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Thread: My Final Decision

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    After Months of thought, I've made my final decision. I am definitely going to take the steps to becoming the girl I really am, and to answer the questions in the long outdated threads. Yes, I will be a lesbian. Again, I have decided I truly want this and want to stop pretending and go through the long, hard, and rather painful process to achieve my goal.

    Edit: Lemme rephrase that, When I say all this, I mean when I'm 18+.
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    You put it out there so I'll reply with my thoughts...
    I think 16 to young to make such a periment change.
    That said, I DO wish you the best in whatever path you choose.


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    As Nam said, I think you are too young...I'm not saying you don't know what you are doing, but I think you should wait until you are done with school and all that, otherwise it can be even more stressful than school already is...Sometimes I think I would want to do something like you want to do...And I would be a lesbian too...But who knows if I will ever do it

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    probably the first step in transitioning is going to be to get a whole lot of therapy, to see if a sex-change is really necessary. you should be open to the possibility that the therapy might change your mind. if there's any way you can possibly adapt to living happily as a guy, you should do it. a sex change should be the absolute last resort, after everything else has failed.

    don't feel pressured to make up your mind and make a final decision yet. be open to exploring your possibilities. the important thing is that you find a way to live your life and be happy.

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    How would you pay for such a big operation at 16?

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    As I said on another thread like this, in order to become a girl, they will split your penis and construct a vagina out of it. You will lose most of your sexual feelings and stimulous, I think. It's not something I would ever give up, but then I'm not you. Anyway, you would have a long road of counseling no matter what. Good luck and hope you find happiness.

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    I hate to say this to you dogboy but I don't quite understand why you say that a person transitioning from male to female will lose her sexual feelings. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Some surgeons like one that I have found out about in Canada can do this operation and make the vaginal area fully functional for all kinds of sexual activity. It just depends on who you see and how much research you are willing to do. However so far there is no way to go Female to Male without losing those sexual feelings during intercourse. How do I know this? My wife is a transexual and a lesbian MTF.

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    Baby Lily, have you had the chance to go into the world as a man dressed as a woman yet or is that not an option?

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    Considering your in the us you can't do anything for another 2 years after that(turn 18) you will have a long time. youll have a couple years of counseling if i remember right you have to live in female clothes in public for something like 2 years(there was a program somewhere on this). So although i see that it is your choice in reality it will be many many years before you could even think about getting the surgery.(I'm fairly sure you need a psychologists recommendation for the surgery)

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    I'm thinking 16 is too young to be making such a life-altering decision...all those hormones...erf!

    Either way, I agree with others who advise counselling....first and foremost...I expect you should be seeing someone (psychiatrist)...not just before the final decision is made, but during the transitional process, and probably after it as well.

    Changing the way the world views you will not change the way you view yourself. Be sure of why you want to do this. Talk to others who've gone through the same thing, talk to professionals (medical and psychiatric).

    One idea which is good when making any decision, but especially one which will change forever who you are (on the outside), is to make two lists (or several)...list the pros and cons of the decision, and there will be cons.

    Remember what works for one person is not always the right thing for another.

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