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    You people are sad. Why do you feel it necessary to talk about this man like that? Is it any of your concern what drugs he uses and how often he uses them. Never mind the FACT that the man's voice is probably the best in Rock Music today.

    Point is, leave him to battle his demons in peace. Or let him know your opinion and let him ridicule you and your demons publicly. Douche.

    Oh yeah...they clearly don't understand.

    ---------- Post added at 05:00 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:50 PM ----------

    One million apologies. If it isn't obvious, I'm exactly sure what I'm doing here. That little bit was suppose to be on the end of a thread(?) that a few people had been discussing. It wasn't suppose to make it get the idea. Again, you have my apologies.

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    Which thread was it supposed to be on the end of? If you make a request in the requests forum a moderator could probably move it for you

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    Well, I haven't the slightest what that means. I was googling some things earlier and was kind of troubled by what I saw some people saying o here. I guess it bothered me enough to make an account on here and such. It's no big deal I suppose. I just got a message from...someone saying I was starting trouble, or something along those lines. Just wanted to say that was suppose to be at the end of a specific thread....but Im thinking that may be a wee bit more difficult than I had planned.

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