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    Ok silly question but I gotta ask. How many of us Ab/TB/Dl's wear or have ever worn the baby costume for halloween?

    Its a great concept I personaly think and its like the one day/evening that you can wear diapers and baby gear and get away with it without anyone saying anything or giveing weird looks. However it is quite sad that that's the only day we can be who we are and not get those "looks"

    I'm just curius on peoples thoughts about it and if they ever have.

    Sorry guys and gals I forgot to hit the make poll button when I made this thread I guess just posts will have to do

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    I have worn a baby costume for halloween several times, and I have dressed as a baby for countless fancy-dress parties and festivals too; when my uni had a pyjama party I even went in a footed sleeper with a pacifier. The first time I dressed as a baby was at a school fancy-dress day aged 10, and I have been consistent in my costume choice since! I only wore a real nappy under my costume once though, at a friends fancy-dress birthday party and at the request of my friends who bought them for me to wear. But I will use any excuse to get out the baby costume - pacifier, footed sleeper, bib, bottle, pigtails, cute character T-shirt, onesie etc. I think if I ever dressed up as anything other than a baby for fancy dress parties my friends would be pretty confused!

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjess View Post
    I think if I ever dressed up as anything other than a baby for fancy dress parties my friends would be pretty confused!
    That's a good way to get away with it set a precedent of always wearing the same costume! Excellent


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