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    Should i wear diapers in public?
    Will anyone notice if I'm wearing something like Depend max protection?


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    Not at all. Especially not a pathetic brand like that, lol.

    People won't even notice something like an Abena. AB/DL's are too paranoid.

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    It depends on the environment! If you are going to the movies, having lunch, or walking on the street then it is very unlikely anyone will be paying enough attention to you, as they are busy doing their own thing. But imagine wearing diapers in a quiet classroom: people will eventually pick up on the crinkle sounds - Or on a cramped subway - if you do wet or mess yourself in this situation, it's possible someone will notice or smell you

    Nevertheless, it is not something to worry about. People are very unlikely to assume anything, as the AB/DL culture is not well known. Furthermore, if anyone was to guess you were wearing a diaper, they would probably be an AB/DL themselves or know someone else who wears diapers.

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    You can go out with a diaper but if you really dont want people to notice wear a long shirt and make sure you pants are pulled up. Chances are if someone does notice they wont really care. (besides your friends they might say something) I wear diapers out all the time and no one notices.

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    I used to wear out and about all the time including to college. No one ever notices and if they do they don't say anything. You gotta remember, nobody is gonna ask why your wearing a diaper, they are just gonna assume that you need them for some reason. If someone ever does ask you then just say because you need them, it's not a lie and it's more answer than that rude person ever needed anyway!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RalieghFhang View Post
    Not at all. Especially not a pathetic brand like that, lol.

    People won't even notice something like an Abena. AB/DL's are too paranoid.
    Say the same as you. People is to busy this day.

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    I wear a diaper often when I am out and about, only recently did someone notice but that was an unusual situation.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I wear diapers 24/7 and nobody has ever, ever noticed. Not even once. For non-ABDLs, it's just not something people think about.

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    I've long grown out of embarrassment, thing is I think we can all too often imagine that people are looking at us, they don't really, I can change at the beach and take a nappy off under a towel, I've never heard comments or had any untoward looks. I'm aware that the bulk can be noticeable from behind but it's kind of "so what" you know? far worse things going on in the world etc.. I'm indifferent!

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    Honestly I wear in public id say atleast once a week and I mean go to a store or something while wearing and no one ever noticed or said anything. Now I wear when I sleep and I work nights so I wear when I get home tell I wake up and a little after. Me and my ex still live together and she doesn't drive so when she has to go to work I just throw on some pants and a shirt to cover the top of the diaper and take her to work now I'm not really getting out of my car for that but once again never been noticed on the walk to and from the car. The truth is that unless your a Tb/Ab/Dl your not looking for someone else wearing a diaper and there for they don't look at the finer details and expect a diaper. So unless you make it obvius no one will know and if someone does notice chances are there a random stranger and won't say anything.

    Best of luck with wearing in public

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