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    Recently there was a litter of kittens born in my backyard and we don't own a cat. I assume their mother is still around and taking care of them since their "crying" meowing goes off and on as house raised kittens do. Why is this a problem you ask? Why can't I just let the kittens and their mom live in my backyard which I do not use nor enjoy?

    My neighbors.

    They seem to be concerned anytime these kittens cry and some think it's causing their dog to bark when they let it out in their backyard. This dog barks either due to my TV even at a low volume or me doing stuff in the kitchen. No one heard this kittens more then a week ago and neither did I. So clearly even if they were to be removed their dog barking was a pre-existing issue and they seem more annoyed by it then I am. I assume the dog is just bored or lonely.

    Anyways. I have no idea what to do about these cats that ends up being a win-win situation for anyone.

    1. I can let the cats do their thing and end up pissing off and/or concerning the neighbors.

    2. I can call animal control they get sent to the animal shelter and of course get killed on tax payers money.

    3. Get them neutered which costs money I don't have and wouldn't want to pay anyways since again.. they are not my cats.

    So anyone got suggestions? This issue has been pissing off my dad too, though i'm sure he's as indifferent towards the cats as I am. We got stuff we fight about already, we don't need this to be another issue which it's already become.

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    Option 3 is out completely, you can't neuter kittens that young. :S And even if you were to neuter the mom, the kittens are already born.

    I don't know how it is there but in my city... if the kittens are young enough they'll get their shots from the shelter and stuff and be adopted out. And even if they are put down, then they're out of your hair.

    You could also post on craigslist or something of the sort the situation, I'm sure there's someone looking for a free kitten. So long as you're able to wrangle 'em up to give them away.

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    If it was me I would probably try to tempt the cat indoors and look after the cat & her kittens in my house, finding new homes for them when they were 10-12 weeks old and keeping a few (maybe even all of them) for myself and we would all live happily ever after. But I am crazy about cats & kittens, and I assume this is not an option for you.

    Have you seen the mother cat? I would try to get close to the mother, and if possible purchase a cheap collar and stick a note under it stating that the cat has given birth to kittens in your backyard with your phone number and address. That way if she has a home, and is visiting it, they will get your note. I would also stick a few 'found' posters around the neighbourhood. There is a chance that the mother cat is someone's pet and that as she has given birth in your backyard they are unaware of the kittens. I would definitely try to find out whether this cat is a stray or not.

    Whilst you try to find out more about the mother cat I would talk to your neighbours - explain the situation and what you are doing about it (checking the mother doesn't have an owner you can contact) and if they are concerned about the kittens starving or going cold or hungry perhaps agree to help out the mother cat by offering a warm, sheltered place in the garden for her to go and perhaps offering her a dish of kitten food (even if the kittens are too young to be eating solid food kitten food is high in fats and protein and better for lactating mothers than regular cat food) once or twice a day to ensure she is getting enough nutrients for the kitten. If you don't want to pay out for this, you could suggest they do it themselves.

    If you do decide to contact an animal shelter they will probably give the kittens their vaccinations and, keep them with their mother until, once they are old enough, they find them new homes. Kitten are easy to find homes for. The mother cat will be harder to house, and may be put down. If you do decide to call an animal shelter (which, if you can't find an owner for the mother cat is probably not a bad option) try to find one which won't put down a healthy animal. You could also ask around to see if anybody in your neighbourhood would be happy to foster the cat and the kittens until they are old enough to be found new homes - if I heard of a neighbour in your predicament I would certainly offer to help this cat and her kittens out, and there may be people in your neighbourhood who feel the same. Have a quick google search for cat rescue or cat shelters etc in your area and see if anything comes up.

    Certainly don't consider taking the kittens away from their mother to sell or find new homes for them - it sounds like they are far too young. Kittens should not be separated from their mothers until they are at least 8 weeks old, and most vets and breeders suggest waiting 12 weeks. As starshine said, they are probably too young to be neutered - a few vets will neuter from 2 months old, but these are few and far between and most won't until the kittens are 5-6 months old. Plus, as you said it is expensive and they are not even your cats.

    Good luck, and I hope the kittens are okay. xxx

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    I agree with Starshine. Kittens and puppies are most always adopted, and craigslist is good too.
    It's the older dogs and cats that I feel bad for.

    I just feel so bad that they have to be broken up...Why won't this world just allow us to live and let live?

    My mom used to work for a children's show in Indiana. Her job was to go to the shelter every week, and bring in an animal of the week to be adopted. She found out that it was a kill shelter, and quit her job on the spot...

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    I would be up for neutering the person that let the mom run loose......preferrably with a rusty scissors and a soldering iron. Letting your pet cats run loose is not "natural", or considerate of your neighbors who have to clean cat shit out of window wells and flower beds. There are way more pet cats than would naturally exist in they typical suburban neighborhood. This puts pressure on the natural population of birds, frogs, toads, etc that keep bugs like mosquitos in check. More mosquitos means now we have to spray more pesticides, further screwing up what's left of nature.

    I'm not much of cat fan anyway, so I can't suggest anything other than animal control. I've done that before in my neighborhood. Don't know what they do with them after that. Or care.

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