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    Im looking for someone to do a picture request for me. Im not sure if this is the right place to put this. But anyway. Here are some details on what i want.

    -Must be a furry.
    -Would like it to be a fox or wolf.
    -Black Fur with white tipped tail and white tipped muzzle. ((optional))
    -Must be dressed in Sissy Attire.
    -Would like it to be Lolita style attire.
    -I would like it to be cute loooking.

    If you are interested in doing one then post a responce then message me. Thankies ^^

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    well i can probably try to create it during my free time
    but dont know
    please explain more on Lolita attire

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    I have a WIP of something almost exactly like this in my moleskine. I'll finish it up, borrow my friend's scanner, and send a copy your way tomorrow night or Sunday, as I have some events to attend over the weekend.

    A quick question, though. The dress isn't coloured/painted yet, but would you like it to be pink or another colour?

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