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Thread: Do you shave?

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    Default Do you shave?

    Don't think theres a thread like this, but have any of you shaved your diaper area?

    I did the other week, I am now kinda regretting it, it is seriously itchy.

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    LOL Yeah thats the reason ive never dont it i heard shaving below is very itchy when the hair grows back. It also itchs when hair first comes in.

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    It will be itchy for the first little while. But if you continue it will no longer be an issue. And everyone is different when it comes to itching after. The first time I did it i had very little itching so it wasnt an issue for me.

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    I tried it for a while. The results were good I just didn't want to keep putting in the time to maintain it.

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    As a female and also being incontinent i think both ways no matter how you shake it i am quiet content with being hairless down there however my parents... with my personal concent :3 went with the laser hair removal route.. since it just makes alot of things easier with my handicaps and hygene.

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    I've been doing it but it grows back as fast or faster then facial hair. Plus I've never heard of a good way to do the backside unless you got another person, which of course I don't.

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    I trim it and dye it neon green, but I never go fully hairless.

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    I've shaved it before, but it itches like a mofo and the ingrown hairs hurt. So I just keep it neat and trimmed now.

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    I do every now and then. I always get annoyed with the itchiness for a few days, but I have to maintain it. :P

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