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Thread: What is a Babyfur?

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    Default What is a Babyfur?


    Can you tell me what Babyfur is?


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    A cross between an AB/TB and a furry. Pretty simple, really

    Babyfur - WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia

    This answer, of course, depends on you knowing what a furry is. "What is a furry"? is a question with as many answers as there are actual furries. Some of these articles will likely help, though:

    Furry - WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia
    Furry fandom - WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia
    BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Who are the furries?
    Fur Fun- Boing Boing (Google cache version, since the original URL seems to have broken for some reason)

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    it's really facinating how the two subcultures are associated. I never truly understood why so many AB/DLs are also furries, and vice-versa. I have noticed that many AB/DL appreciate that they can meet others like themselves through the furry community, as there are several babyfurs at conventions and meetups.

    You could also say that there is a childlike appreciation for cute animal creatures which attracts furries to AB/DL and AB/DL to furries.. the cuteness "d'awww impulse" which people experience from seeing a cute animal, is the same psychological reaction as when one sees a cute baby or kid. the connection is something I've thought about quite a bit

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