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Thread: Questing about "whistling" Nuk 5?

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    Question Questing about "whistling" Nuk 5?

    So I was on the pacifiersrus site looking at the modded Nuk 5s. I came across this in the description "You can even hear the whistle sound of air when you squeeze the tip end of the nipple through the guard of the pacifier."

    Now my first thoughts were, why would you want that? Is that something that happens when it's modded? Wouldn't that allow water to get in, and hard to get out?

    Just wondering what that meant, if it was intentional (and if so, to serve what purpose).

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    It is supposed to be that way. It is hollow, and made so it collapses when you apply pressure to it, to facilitate sucking, so it whistles some when air is moving in and out, and can be very noisy. Remember that the Nuk 5 was designed and made for medical therapies, not with the adult baby in mind

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    Just as long as it is supposed to be like that lol Daddy said I will get one if I get good this semester at school. I have been working my butt off XD

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