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Thread: Wireless Routers- How do they work?

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    Default Wireless Routers- How do they work?

    I'm thinking of getting a wireless router, but I'm clueless on how they work. I need wireless internet access at home as I use various consoles that support WiFi. The thing is, if I install my wireless router at the first floor of my home, is it possible to recieve a signal at the second floor ( about 10m away ) through walls and closed doors?

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    It would depend on how strong the signal and recievers are.

    I don't see why it would be a problem though.

    You don't have to use wifi just because they're wifi enabled, you can still hardwire them! At home we have all the internet cables under the floorboards!

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    Do you know what version of wireless your consoles etc use? The old standard is 802.11a/b/g, which is generally strong enough to reach all parts of a house from a central location, so long as there isn't too much metal or concrete in the way. Make sure you hang the router up near the ceiling; don't have it buried under the desk. The newer standard is 802.11n, which uses three antennas, and has much better coverage. 802.11a/b/g routers are quite cheap now that n is out, though there are still plenty of devices that use the older standard.

    One thing to check is what version of encryption your consoles and other devices are capable of. There are three: WEP, WPA, and WPA2. WEP is not secure, and is breakable within 2 minutes. WPA and WPA2 are much stronger. Using encryption will keep unauthorized people from using your wireless signal.

    One thing you might do is see if your ISP supplies wireless routers. Many do now, and it may just be a matter of calling them and asking for a newer, wireless-capable router. The reason for this is that most ISPs used to frown on people hanging their own wireless routers off the internet connection. Now that so much technology has wireless capability, they've bit the bullet and started providing their own. This way they can support the environment much more easily (before, if you called them for help, and you were using your own router, they would tell you to take that out before they would help).

    Just make sure you get encryption set up. Don't let your wireless router become the free hotspot for the neighborhood. I'll be happy to help if you have questions.

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    Get on craigslist and buy a Linksys router for $20-40. ANY VERSION WILL DO. Don't ever buy a Belkin.

    Don't get suckered in by ISP's package deals for renting a modem/router or whatever, and certainly don't buy it for $80 from Best Buy. Linksys routers are reliable, tried and true, and all you'll ever need is the included power cable, and an ethernet cable (aka RJ-45, CAT-5)

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    10 metres shouldn't be a huge problem for the signal, so long as you're not living in a house with tons of metal going through the floors. However, if you can, you'll probably have a better gaming experience if you run ethernet cable instead. You may be able to route cable through cold air returns or some other existing space.

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    DLGrif, note that the OP is in Singapore, so Craigslist is probably not going to be an option.

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    I really like the Linksys WRT54-GL, simply because its Linux based and good alternative firmwares exist. (Tomato for example) Cant do n though. (the newest, fastest standard)
    The signal should be strong enough for the second floor, at least if your ceilings arent made from ridiculous amounts of concrete and steel.

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    The Linksys WRT160N is super cheap and supports at least DD-WRT as far as custom firmware goes. Best router I've had so far.

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