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    Default Hi!

    Hey guys! I stumbled upon this site on accident... I didn't realize so many people were into this stuff.

    About me, well.. I live in Arkansas, play way too many videogames, and am really, really shy.

    Looking to make friends!

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    What sort of video games are you into fenrisrawr?

    I'm not a big gamer myself, but lots of people here are. There are even a good few groups about them, so search in the groups section for something that takes your interest

    Don't worry about being shy, there are a lot of shyer members here - luckily for me I'm not one of them! I'm as chatty as you can get!

    What sort of other stuff are you into? How can you get to a site by accident?

    Welcome to the site, and hope to hear more from you soon

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    Hey, fenrisrawr! I also like video games. Do you play on a console or PC?

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    PC games, for sure. I've been building them since I was thirteen. Currently playing a lot of League of Legends and Civilization V.

    As to how I found the site by accident, I honestly don't remember... I've had it bookmarked for a while but just now registered :P

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    Hello welcome to Adisc...i hope you enjoy the seeking to make friends also so chat with me sometime...hope you enjoy the site

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