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    Well... it finally happened :-) I got myself my own place and its great! My girlfreind helped me move all my stuff in and she came accross a few "very light" boxes, which i kinda hoped she would because it's come up in conversation before but i'v never had the guts to actually show her my diapers before. Now with my own place i feel i we can open up a little more and im trying to work up the courage to ask her to change me...

    See, she knows about, and is fine with my fetishes, she often says she wants me to let her join in on it. The problem i have is that i dont know if i would want her too, she mothers me a lot more lately and its kinda fun but i dont think i could enjoy myself if shes not actually enjoying it? not that she would hate it, otherwise she wouldn't want to join in, but she is not really a fetish type like me and i know its nothing she would WANT to do if i WASN'T into it, you know? And on top of that, because iv never tried it before, i dont know if i would enjoy it as much with someone else, i kind of like it being my private thing...

    With our fur roleplaying it's very different, and not so much roleplaying as sexual dress up's as she is not a fur herself (and as in this case, shes not an dl either) and i really want it to be something special, eventual form an ANR. So i guess im trying to ask if anyone else is/has had this kind of dilemma, how did it go? or any advice?

    Thanks guys :-)

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    When I was together with my ex I was very hesitant about telling her about my craving, and even more so about her particiapting in it. But once I was able to just let it all out and let her particiapte, we gained a very close bond that we couldn't have otherwise. I think you may just want to give it a shot and see if it'd turn out better than you'd imagine. But follow your heart more than my logic, thats what you need to listen to the most.

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    mmmm.... thats a good point, its not as easy as it sounds though lol. it didnt become the reason she's now your ex though did it?

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