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    my receipt and the words Tena Slip on cause it fell from my hands to the side. A young teenager held it in his hands for a few seconds before returning it to me.

    Nothing much but its the first in a very long time a stranger has seen me buying diapers.

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    I wouldn't worry too much. It's unlikely that they even read it, and if they did, most people aren't as attuned as the AB/DL community to being able to pick out a diaper brand from a receipt in just a few seconds. Realistically, most people don't scrutinize other peoples' receipts looking for embarrassing items. Even though you know it was on there, they probably didn't even notice.

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    Cush's right, even if he did scan through it it probably didn't register what he saw, even if it registered it's not likely to gel in his memory and even if it does he's not likely to care even a little bit.
    Some people wait their whole lives for a situation like this to arise, y'know? The whole "Oh no, someone knows! How embarrassing!" situation. Personally I don't see the appeal in it but I can understand why they do.

    And hey, at least it wasn't the diapers themselves they saw.
    I remember once I'd just ridden my bike to a job interview and, as standard for someone in my situation, I'd got spare nappies in my man-bag. Unfortunately in my absent-minded haze I'd stuck them in the same part as my bike-lock. When I park up and go for my lock, guess what comes flopping out of my bag with it!
    Just my luck, a potential future co-worker happens to be returning to the office at the time and just as I'm reaching for it he swoops in, grabs it and hands it back to me, no subtle 'pretending not to notice' (not that I'm complaining about meeting a helpful person).
    Funny thing is, he went more red than I did as he was handing it back to me! Don't know what he was expecting it to be when he went for it but I don't think he was expecting to end up with a handful of adult nappy!

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    actually I'm sure he say the bulky plastic bag that was in my hand--one factor why the reciept flew to the ground.

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    Well, what ever happened, so what? Is it illegal to have Tena prescriptions in your country? You're afraid you'll be on the front page as the man who buys adult incontinence diapers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vantran View Post
    actually I'm sure he say the bulky plastic bag that was in my hand--one factor why the reciept flew to the ground.
    Ah, that might be another factor in the situation... but if there was anything going to come of it it'd most likely have happened there and then.

    The very most that's likely to have come of it, if anything, is that he may have mentioned to his friends that "I saw some guy bying adult nappies the other day."
    To which one of his friends would have said "So?"
    He'd have replied "Just a wierd situation is all."
    And then they'd have forgotten about it and carried on what they were doing before.
    Far more likely than that situation, though, is that he'd have forgotten by the time he got home.

    I don't know if you're worried about it or just making conversation about it, but if you were worried I really don't think there's anything you need to worry about.
    A little adage Something I like to remember for all situations, not just ones like this, is; Even if there's something to worry about, worrying isn't going to fix it.

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    girl not guy. I'm a girl.

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    Seriously, who cares! Lol I mean, unless he knows you, or knows where you live or who you hang out with, I wouldn't trip on it. He may have even found it to be sexy that a girl wore diapers if even only subconciously.

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    people aren't as observant as you think, i've had some worse miscues while buying diapers at the store before, dont get too worked up about it, plus its not like its some1 u know

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    More often people will spot you acting nervous before they spot what your actually doing. While you may be thinking the whole world is waiting to catch you in the act buying diapers, the truth is most people just go about their day not paying attention. Still doesn't make it any less nerve wracking though.

    Anyways, congrats on the new pack of diapers. May they serve you well

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