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    My hobbies are bike rideing,when I have access to A bike, I also likeelectronics and electrical gadgets and computers I guess you could say that I like pushing buttons ETC.ETC. I first got interested in Diapers when I was A lot younger but iam not sure when it was or how old I was!!!!

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    Welcome here then, our newest big cat. Glad t have you, you'll find many with lotsa stuff in common. You came to the right place!

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    Hi Cheetah, welcome to the forum

    I love riding my bike as well, although it isn't very good (my sister found it in a skip) and constantly squeaks and gets flat tyres. But it is so much quicker and more efficient than walking everywhere, and some of my best thinking has happened when I'm riding a bike

    As for electronic stuff, that's a bit out of my league. I like some electrical gadgets (like tamagotchis! Possibly the best technological invention ever ) and computers but I don't really understand them, I just use them sometimes. But there are lots of other electronical people on here to chat with

    Anyway, hope you enjoy having a look around ADISC and getting to know your way around and I look forward to seeing more of you in the other forums

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    Hey there, welcome to ADISC!

    I've got a bike, I got it for my 14th birthday! But I'm not allowed it where I'm staying at the moment, because there's nowhere to store it It's currently sitting in my parents garage feeling sorry for itself!

    Are you a gamer then, if you're into all your computery stuff?

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    Welcome to the forums! Hope you feel will feel at home. I sure do and ive been here for only a few days.

    Ooo I love Computers! Do you like video games, putting them together or what?

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