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Thread: Hi who like diapers and prisoner play?

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    Default Hi who like diapers and prisoner play?

    Hi adisc

    I am an adult DL and probably will stay that way however I do have a strong liking for wearing and using diapers maybe at some point 24/7 but that depends on a lot of other factors in my life currently.

    I also have a heavy liking for wearing one piece clothing as much as possible which I think started when I was young wearing footed pajamas. Which I would like to acquire again sometime. Currently though jumpsuits and coveralls are my play clothing that gets used the most over my diapers.

    More specifically prison jumpsuits are my favorite and have acquired a few from along with some handcuffs, transport chains, etc. I also like other bondage equipment and have a posey straitjacket and a few other bdsm pieces all of which I enjoy being restrained in while wearing diapers. But the prison jumpsuits and diapers get the most use while being legironed by my wife or our house guest who also assists in keeping me in a diaper and prison jumpsuit and some form of restraint so I am atleast unable to remove my jumpsuit but usually more and I enjoy it and wouldn't trade this treatment for anything.

    Hope to talk to you all soon.

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    Hi Shadow,

    Welcome to the forums

    You say that your wearing of diapers depends on other factors of your life - here at ADISC we like to get to know our members outside of their interest in diapers, so would you care to tell us a little more about your life outside of diapers? Do you have any interesting hobbies or interests? Are you still in education, or do you work? There are so many of us here I'm sure you will find some people who share similar interests with you to chat with here

    If you're not really sure what else you could write to make a good first impression there is a good 'cheat sheet' that might help you here:

    Also, please bear in mind that this forum has members as young as 13 posting and reading, so be careful when posting about BDSM on the site. I don't feel you'vet detailed anything inappropriate in your into, but just a heads up

    I look forward to hearing more from you

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    Default More info.

    Was asked to add a little more info.

    Currently I am not working but am not unemployed kind of a leave of absence type thing currently. I work in the cleaning industry and have a high school education.

    I enjoy working on cars more specifically fixing lightly wrecked ones but this hobby usually dies off some in the colder seasons. I also enjoy tinkering with computers.

    That's about it though. If you have more questions feel free to ask.

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    Hi there, just want to link you to the rules, and remind you that talk about BDSM should be kept to the Maature Topics forum. It isn't really appropriate for an introduction thread, since we have minors around!

    Welcome though

    What do you mean in the cleaning industry? Do you get to ride those awesome cleaning things you see in shopping centres? Because if you do you're my new hero!!

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