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Thread: woke up this morning dry :(

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    Default woke up this morning dry :(

    kinda disappointed i wasnt wet:/ anyone else wake up dry?

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    Waking up dry is ok X3

    It's waking up and not having your pants all heavy is what's disappointing.

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    first night ive slept in a diaper and it was dry as a bone... not now thou its wet

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    Of course it was... It takes lots of time and practice to be wet. Just because you put on a diaper doesn't make you a bedwetter... >.>

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    yeaa i kno but i jus wanted it to be wet when i got up/:

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    Quote Originally Posted by thechoice22 View Post
    yeaa i kno but i jus wanted it to be wet when i got up/:
    Same whit mi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pikachu View Post
    Same whit mi.
    jus started wearing yesterday to be honest gone threw 4 diapers.. still hard to pee not over the toilet!

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    And yet you expected to wake up wet?

    The majority of the members here will wake up dry, and the majority will not be disappointed that they don't wet at night. Because its not something pleasent, its not something to strive for. Ask any of the bedwetters/incon members of this site, and they'll say they wish they could be dry. Wishing your self incon is pretty bad form, a kick in the face to all the incon people out there, and pretty silly.

    Please think before you type, or start a silly thread. Its pretty insulting to most of us to read this kinda stuff.

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    I don't want to be incontinent or wet while I sleep, but what I wish I COULD do is wake up wet because I woke in the night and had to go, but did it in my diaper instead of getting up to use the toilet. My whole life I've pretty much had to pee at least once in the night. Of course the problem is 1. trusting the diaper not to leak and make a mess and 2. the conscious effort it still takes to wet lying down. I'm working on it.

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    choice/jeffy: did you put down some liquids before bed?

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