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    So who here likes the marx brothers? i thought this could be a interesting discussion. tell us what your fav marx movie, quote, play, song is. or tell us what you hate about em.

    my faourite movie is definately duck soup, that movie is insane. i think my favourite quote from that is when groucho is locked in the bathroom and he says "Let me out of her or get me a magazine". i laughed so much at that line. i havent seen there plays, i dont even know if you still can lol and best song is definately lydia the tatooed lady.

    so share

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    I've only seen a couple of their movies. Although I think they often rose to brilliance a little of them goes a long way with me, so I'm sort of spacing out their movies. The musical numbers tend to fall a bit flat with me as well. I think what they do best is to carry a scene from something ordinary and then start spinning it into something bizarre and then to carry it on longer and with greater nutty intensity than it should be possible to manage.

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    I was always more of a 3 Stooges fan. I have seen a couple of the films, but can't recall too much from them.

    As for a favorite song, I know it is kind of cliche, but I like Groucho's "I'm Against It" mainly because I probably haven't heard too many others.

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    Is your favorite Marx Brother "Gummo"?

    Don't forget "Hello, I must be going" if you're going to count the songs.

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    I've been a big Marx Bros fan ever since I was a kid. Groucho was still doing the "You Bet Your Life" TV quiz show back then. Their older movies frequently played on the television early and late shows and I never missed a showing unless our old vacuum tube TV was on the blink and needed a tube replaced.

    A couple of my all time favs are, "A Night At The Opera" and "The Big Store". We still have those on VHS tapes, but want to eventually get the DVD versions. Our kids get a kick out of watching them, too, so we've kind of made Marx Bros. fans out of them as well.

    Can't pick out one particular line that's more memorable...they've got so many funny ones throughout their movies along with their hilarious antics.


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    I rather grew up on the Marx Brothers and loved them as a kid as my dad was a big fan. My favourite film was always A Night at the Opera and I can clearly remember howling with laughter at the "and two more eggs" scene when Groucho orders just about everything and everyone he can to his cabin.

    That I loved them as a kid and can still enjoy them now probably has a lot to do with their popularity - it's pretty rare to find a combination of top quality slapstick and genuine wit. Some of it doesn't age quite so well for me (the musical numbers, in particular) but there's a lot of great stuff in there that probably passed me by first time round. I bought my dad a DVD box-set of all the films for his last birthday and watched a couple of them with him and they're still bloody funny.

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