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Thread: what is the thickest diaper you have gone out in?

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    Default what is the thickest diaper you have gone out in?

    THe thickest diaper i have gone out in was two Tena Supers and an attends 10 on the outside for crinkle! after wetting the diapers were very very bulky and made it very difficult to walk but it was a lot of fun.

    what is the thickest diaper you have gone out in?

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    Butterfly Mage


    I've gone outside wearing an Abena x-plus plenty of times. I'll usually wear a thick diaper if I'm in a situation where I know I will be unable to change for most of the day.

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    Kendal Lille Maxi and I wet it, I was actually having to concentrate in order not to waddle, I think i was still walking funny though :L

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    I generally go out in an Abena X-plus with an Abena booster. I also go out in Dry24/7.

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    so are we talking extreme diapers here, like Orcas, or just "normal" thick diapers, possibly boosted? Seems to be two different genres.
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    Went to the store in a wet bambinos once just for shits and giggles. Wore tight basketball shorts.

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    When my wife and I first started dating I told her about my diaper fetish. She told me she did'nt understand but wanted to find out how far i would go. She wanted me to wear my thickest cloth diaper and 2 baby cloth diapers as soakers and plastic pants, then go shopping all day at the mall and costco, places like that. she thougt I would chicken out, but i went out. it was so thick i couldent touch my knee's togeter. and couldent help but waddle.

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    I have gone out in a double Attends 3 tab , with 3 Tena night supers added as soaker pads. I wore this combination for 48 hours without a change.
    I was totally soaked , and waddled like a duck. Got plenty of stairs and dirty looks, but didn't care........

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