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Thread: Fursonas

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    Default Fursonas

    Dont know if there is a thread yet for this
    but what is your Fursona

    My Fursona:
    Species:Panda Cub
    Appearance:Black and Red Fur with a little 3 leag clover mark on right hand
    Im just a funfilled panda furry. I love nothing more but to play and find new friends. I will fight if provoked.I love Noodles,Tacos and Sushi. I love hanging on Mt.Fuji.

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    Name: Altric
    Species: Eastern Cottontail (rabbit)
    Age: No older than 14
    Appearance: Eastern Cottontail fur pattern, with black ears, red mid-length hair, and blue eyes. Also has sharper-than-normal bunny teeth because this bunny likes to eat meat.
    -Perhaps the most important feature is his "human" right hand. There is no fur at all on his right hand. An explanation for this can be found here.
    Fun-loving and playful most of the time. Likes riding in old pedal cars and on antique scooters. Can be easily distracted by keys...shiny, jingly keys, and often steals friends keys when they are not looking.

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    Age:I'm gonna say 8. but it could be anything under 14.
    Appearance: Grey fur with a white belly and chin. Dark green eyes. Scars on his face just like mine.
    Quiet, never really known to say random things at random times. Likes to be surrounded by a few of his best friends, but never more then a few. Not very good at sharing his past.

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    Name: Blake
    Species: Arctic Fox
    Gender: Male
    Age:18 Babyfur Age: 5
    Eye Colour: Ice Blue
    Fur Pattern: White Overall with Black patches around thighs, chest and upper arms and tail.
    Distinctive Features: Red Fur patch on right wrist and across hand, Left ear is black fur.

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    Name: Pawlf

    Species: Wolf

    Age: 3

    Appearance: Pawlf is small for his age. His fur pattern is mostly light brown with red at the tips of his ears. Pawlf has scarring all over from past self-inflicted as well as other predator attack wounds. He is shy at first, but if given a fair chance he will open up quite a bit. He enjoys playing with other cubs regardless of species and has a deep love for steak and cooked fish. He is also clumsy but has improved as he continues to develop.

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    Name: Caled
    Species: Red fox
    Age: 16 (occasional regression)
    Apperance: Rust colored fur with black markings on snout, torso, and right side of face.

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