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    Not a big deal. The TSA, DHS or other security people don’t care that you are wearing diapers any more than they would care if female flyers are using feminine hygiene products. The failed Underwear Bomber last year did obviously raise concerns but for the most part, the pat down process probably won’t detect anything unless you are wearing the bulkiest diaper you can find. In which case, you are just looking to get caught.

    I flew from and then back into Toronto in the days leading up to the G20 conference in June. On the flight out, on the monitors the security warning was that if you had any concerns (medical, religious, etc….) about the pat down, to have a word with a security official and it could be done in a private room. I was going to but decided against it. Flying back (two days before the G20), we were warned that we would be searched twice – once upon boarding the flight to Toronto and then again when we arrived in Toronto . I went through the normal screening at the airport I was flying out from but was not checked at all once we arrived in Toronto .

    I haven't gone through the full-body scanners, so I can't comment on that, but I suspect that if the screeners haven't seen anything to raise alarms, they don't care what type of undergarment you choose.

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    I just wanted to comment about the full body scanners. When I flew out of Vancouver I accidentally forgot my watch on and they said they could either do a manual "search" (pat down I assume) or use the scanner, I decided to try the scanner and the way it worked (at least in Vancouver) is that you go in, hold your arms a certain way, the scanner does it's thing and relays the info to a special room (not visible at all to you or the checkpoint folks) and then a Green light came on and that was it.

    I imagine if the Red light comes on then they will take you aside and have a chat

    So it is no big deal at all, if it detects your diaper then it is someone you have never met or even scene before in a room somewhere else that gets to see it and I am sure they could not care less!


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    The body scanner, also known as a backscatter X-ray, will see right through your clothing, as if it wasn't even there. I would assume that diapers would show to some degree because of the gel in them, but to what degree I don't know. If you go through dry, it's probably easier, because there won't be any actual gel visible.

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    i think it would be more awkward for the person patting you down

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    Quote Originally Posted by wcwe3232 View Post
    i think it would be more awkward for the person patting you down
    only if they felt a lump and were considering whether or not to investigate further

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    I did double bambinos flying out of Detroit last December - under a pair of jeans. I figured I might get pulled over and patted down, and I kinda wanted to see what they would do. Turns out I found out - they ignore it. And that was the airport where the Underwear Bomber flew into just days before. So they let the potential Diaper Bomber through. MEANWHILE my 80 year old mother, who has a card saying her hip implants will set off the detectors, gets pulled and given all but a cavity search. I'd say 'gotta love TSA,' except you don't.

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