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Thread: What happened to music?

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    Default What happened to music?

    I was looking threw random videos on youtube, and I came across a song by Elton John from 1970,
    YouTube - Elton John - Your song
    nothing flashy about this video, just a man playing the piano and singing a song. The song, the lyrics, the story, it has so much emotion in it, very moving... it is everything I like about music.

    So I am thinking, were did the music go? As time goes by I am finding it ever harder to find actual music, music with emotion, with singers who sing there heart out...

    The question I ask, to you, what is music? what is it that you like in a song?
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    Butterfly Mage


    My musical tastes have changed a lot over the years. I used to be big into Rock and now I'm mostly into Irish Folk and New Age. The Irish music is generally pretty festive and upbeat (which modern rock and rap music is decidedly *not*). New Age music often has a mathematical precision that I find soothing without being boring.

    For me, Rock music died when Smashing Pumpkins became popular.

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    just last night i went to my friends 21st birthday, which had greektraditional dancing along with most other populat tunes, the greek music, never gets old.

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    Oh, good music is still being written and performed; you just can't always rely upon the most commercially acclaimed bands to do that for you. You may have to find them a little off the beaten track. The reason music doesn't sound like that anymore is because it began to lose its profitability. Executives who guide these bands and pay their contracts started demanding different and newer styles. Now, especially in hip hop, it seems it's mostly about having a beat, and that's about it. Seriously, I go into FYE and hear that music being played, and I really have to wonder how it could be deemed as enjoyable in anyone's mind.

    Music just isn't like other industries. Good songs will remain good songs, no mater how old they get, most of the time. It's primarily about how many times you've heard it, and the gradual shifts in our culture. Who knows, perhaps if you were this age back in 1970, you may have dismissed that same Elton John song for the reasons we dismiss a lot of the music that comes out today. That may or may not be true, but new stuff tends to aggravate those who have been listening for a while to the forms that came before it. Just a thought.

    In the words of U2 (God Part II, 1988): You glorify the past, the future dries up

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    The music has evolved, just like its going to keep doing. You just gotta look and find what hits you in some way. People are going to try new things, while others might stick with the old-fashioned way. It takes time to figure out what you're really into --- for me, I really enjoy the punk rock (but not most of the usuals, I went ahead and dug way deeper). For me it's the insanity factor that plays well in a song (obnoxious vocals, can't play instruments and so forth); but I'm not limited to just that, although it's most of what I like. There's a lot of good music - keep looking around + don't limit yourself to one genre.

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    Don't worry. As we speak, new musicians are being born, and once they find out their talent, fate will lead them to making music. Emotion filled music. Not all music is gone, and some modern Electronic stuff is pretty good. I mean, you listen to these and say that they have no emotion. These are modern, and frankly, some of my favorites.
    YouTube - The Script - Breakeven (Falling To Pieces)
    YouTube - Haven't Met You Yet [Teaser Clip] (Video)
    YouTube - Bowling For Soup: When We Die (lyrics)

    Anyway, I've been really into The All American Rejects lately, and the classic Billy Joel. I like music with emotion and complex lyrics, as a singer myself.

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    There's still a lot of good music being produced, you just gotta look for it...

    As others have said, if you look for modern music you may like, you'll find it eventually.

    As for my own music tastes... hard to classify, i like a bit of everything, rock, 80's rock, classic rock, pop, modern rock, jazz, reggae, reggaeton, techno, acidjazz, rap, some country, etc and other styles.
    i don't know much your into this foreign music stuff, especially songs not sung in English, but i really like this song from a band here.
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    I think the problem is we don't have enough time invested into our musicians. Rarely the ones on stage are the ones actually writing and creating their own songs. Albums used to have multiple tracks on them, all approachable, if not actual works of art. Now compilations are produced with singles in mind and padding them with worthless filler. Musically, we have gone from artistic expression of sound to ADD minded individuals that shoot for advertising jingles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by racer View Post

    where did the music go?
    It went to Japan....

    Quote Originally Posted by racer View Post

    The question I ask, to you, what is music? what is it that you like in a song?

    I don't listen to music from america anymore, I stopped around the time when I noticed music here was starting to suck. I then, started listening to music from Japan.

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