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Thread: New To Furry World

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    Default New To Furry World

    Hey there peoples
    Ive recently realized i am a furry but
    im still new to it
    so dont still know how you guys work here in the furry forum
    so can you help a newbie out =p

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    Congratulations on 111 posts, and 11 Threads!

    Go watch every episode of bugs bunny... this will be important for your initiation... or not!

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    ive been watching bugs bunny as a kid
    EHHH wats up Doc

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    Haha, I am glad to hear that. Bugs Bunny is one of the classic television animations, a perfect blend of morals and comedy suited for people of all ages!

    Next Step, Have you stared at yourself in a mirror for an hour and thought about who you REALLY are? Take the time to really talk to your reflection and get to know it!~

    Are you any good at stuffing large amounts of marshmallows in your mouth?

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    *Noods stares into mirror*
    Ahhhh my mind is evil. Lol i knew that
    im a balance of Ying and Yang
    like the Gentle Panda

    Why the last wierd question lol(dont me to offend)
    but yes i can stuff alot of marshmallows in me mouth
    especially during halloween.No one gets me candy

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    I want ferocious pandas for my army...

    It is only a weird question if you keep it in context, take it out of context and put it into this situation. I challenge you to a Chubby Bunny contest! You will probably win...

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    yes i will like i said MY CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gotta draw my new avatar panda furry pic
    nice squirrel by the way ^v^

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    Welcome to Furry side, muhahaha
    I'm a bit of a newbie myself, but the forums have been helpful and the people here are friendly.
    You can pretty much ask anything here and get an honest opinion from people so, if theres anything you want to ask or say, then go for it! Anyway, welcome again ^^

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    I'm always willing to help furry newbies who are just finding their fuzzy selves.
    feel fee to ask anything and I'll give the best answers I can, from fursuits through furmeets all the way up to furcons.

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    Welcome to furryhood. I'm still a bit new myself but will help the best I can I hope you enjoy your furry side as we all do.

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