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Thread: Hi, I'm new here...

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    Default Hi, I'm new here...

    It's amazing to me how many sites there are out there online devoted to this subject....I feel more and more normal everyday!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkSilkyBaby View Post
    It's amazing to me how many sites there are out there online devoted to this subject....I feel more and more normal everyday!

    I came across this site from a forum post at Bondage, BDSM & Fetish Community For Kinksters, By Kinksters - FetLife and immediately opened a new browser and here I am!

    I've been an "AB" for as long as I can remember. I used to steal diapers from babysitters and other friend's mothers who were babysitting and it's always been a constant in my life. I love the smell and they way they feel against me.

    Once I began researching online, I slowly tried more and more things related to a baby's nursery and enjoyed everything I found. I currently have a full nursery decor and a Babee Tenda crib stashed in storage and I hope to have my own full AB nursery someday soon...

    I am looking to make a connection with either a "Mommy-tyoe" figure, or an "AB/LG" who is willing to share this lifestyle with me. While I am not a 24/7, I could be found relaxing at home after a long day in a diaper and t-shirt, but my full "ABaby" side comes out only at night and behind closed doors.

    I use the exact same screen name and avatar everywhere I have a profile, so know that "PinkSilkyBaby" is the same person here, at Fetlife, Diaperbook, AND Diaperspace.

    Thanks for reading!
    Welcome to Adisc! Very cute avatar...Snoopy is one of my favorite cartoon characters.

    Well, you've told us about your ab/dl interests...however, here we like to get to know you as a person who wears diapers, not just a diaper who is worn by a person, which means telling us a bit about your non-abdl interests or hobbies. If you need help, one of the members has created a cheat sheet to help new members make good introductions.

    Side Note: This isn't the place to look for a mommy or other such partners, as there are minors on the forum. Therefore, such ads are against the Rules (which I highly suggest you read if you have not had a chance to yet.)

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    HogansHeroes has hit the nail on the head when it comes to this intro!

    We're all about the community, which means we want to know about *you* as a person, not you as a DL or AB. In fact, the majority of posts on these forums have nothing at all to do with AB/DLism!

    What sort of interests do you have outside of your DL/ABism?

    Are you a gamer? Do you play any sports? What teams do you support? Do you do anything else of interest? What's your favourite colour?

    Also, this is most definitely not the place to be mentioning things like finding a "mommy". This is not a dating site and we do not encourage meet-ups. Go and read the rules which HogansHeroes linked you to, and then I would recommend you edit that out of your introduction since that's not the sort of thing we look for at ADISC.

    Welcome to the forums, I'm looking forward to hearing more (non DL stuff) from you soon

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