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    Post thanks

    I am having computer problems or I would go to chat and just say thanks there.

    Thanks for telling me about how diapers hold more. I bought diapers tonight.

    I now have a diaper on and a pull up over it. I am so comfy in those and just my tshirt and socks.

    I have a bottle of gerber baby juice and gerber strawberry apple puffs. I went to Toys R Us tonight and could have bought a bunch of baby/toddler type foods but got most everything at Sam's Club.

    The diaper is so comfy and so much softer.

    But I missed my mommy tonight so I've been very whiney and crying.

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    Uh, you're welcome, but I should just let you know that we don't really post things like that here. We don't really need to know the details of your diaper antics. We understand that you're having a good time, but still, this would be something to put on your about me page or something like that.

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    as Helpplz1996 said, this would of been better as a blog post. I just wish he could of said it in a nicer way....

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