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Thread: Hey there Furry Peoples

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    Default Hey there Furry Peoples

    Well Ummm Hello Fur Peoples =p

    Im not really a fur myself but i do find it interesting
    i really like furry animals
    but dont think to the point i would wear it
    but it wont hurt to try
    What are the ups and downs of being a furry?

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    i dont know if there are really ups and downs its not like you do it once and no your furry forever if it not what your into then dont bother with it and not all furrys like to fursuit i dont not really into like that hope this helps a little bit you know what they say to he is own just. its just like being furry

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    Well, there can be ups & downs with furry. all depends on how you look at it.
    My up:
    I treat furry as a hobby not a life style like some die hard furs do. All depends on what you are interested in doing in the "fandom". Me, I love the costumes & I love being around them. I was totally shy & had major phobias that kept me away from social gatherings. But when I get into my suit all that fear melted away & I was finally able to let go & have fun with out resorting to the use of alcohol which I was growing more dependent on. I now have lost just about all my phobias & am able to go out & have fun in or out of my suit. Although it is definitely more fun being in that out I love entertaining in suit & joined a group of furs that go out & work charity events. www(dot)hi-4(dot)org/ Gives me an excuse to get into suit & have fun & not have to get my tail to a convention.

    My down:
    My wife discovered that there were a few gay furries in our group & at that time my son was fursuiting with me at events. She wanted him to have nothing to do with furry after seeing that. I then came out to her as being Bi & then she really flipped out. She tried to ban me from going to events & cons as well. I could not convince her that the 2 were not related at all & all I wanted to do was be in suit. This was over 5 years ago & I still am not allowed to talk about or discus furry around her.

    But I still refuse to let her or anyone get in the way of my hobby that is in no way shape or form hurting any one. In fact I am helping raise money for a lot of worthy causes at our events.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honoka View Post
    Well Ummm Hello Fur Peoples =p

    Im not really a fur myself but i do find it interesting
    i really like furry animals
    but dont think to the point i would wear it
    but it wont hurt to try
    What are the ups and downs of being a furry?
    There are so many ups, going to cons, wearing a fursuit. (I have a white Tiger fursuit) getting all the attention, getting hugs, being stroked and even better if somone is willing to brush me in fursuit. I feel more complete when I am wearing my suit, I look more like I feel I should be like. I am shy around humans untill I get into fursuit then I become a different animal. More confident, more powerful and then I love humans.
    The only down side that I can think of it is very hot.

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    Being a furry is a very general thing. I like to consider anybody who takes an interest in anthropomorphics (people animals) is a furry. I personally like the art better, which is why I consider myself a furry. If you showed me a comic with people I'd like it, switch them with animal people and the comic is better! I also like how much more the ears, tails, and fur adds to expression. Other than that, I don't do much else. I do go to one furry convention annually, but I don't dress up at all.

    So there's no problem with being a furry just for the cool pictures. Plenty of us do it!

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    I think you sort of got the impression being a furry has to do with fursuits and cons and all that jazz. I for one would never wear a fursuit, it has absolutely no appeal to me and a large portion of the community (80%+ i believe) is pretty much the same way.

    For some it's just the art or the community. It's a pretty general thing as link said.

    Personally i enjoy some of the art (mostly pokemon stuff IN CASE THAT WASN'T OBVIOUS xD) and the only really "furry" things i do irl are petplayish stuff which isn't restricted to furries, it's pretty common in the BDSM scene in general. idk, i just love my cat ears/tails o.,o they are pretty darn adorable. And collars are always fun for various reasons, plus it's super enjoyable to do the whole petplay thing. it's actually sort of related to the TB/AB kinda thing, where you lose all responsibility for a while and life just gets simpler. It's rather enjoyable being taken care of and loved as a pet >_<; x_X <3

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    I dont think Id be running around in a costume either. Not my cup of tea.

    I would TOTTALY buy one of those beanies with ears, maybe a tail too.

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    well i do like the art(being a artist meself)
    and ive love having my hair stroked lol
    i have soft hair
    so yeah dont know if im consider a furry
    I would wear a fursuit if it wasnt for the reason that they are hot
    and stuff
    This what i like about furries:
    Ears,Tails,Art,the very fact of acting like a animal
    dont know if that makes me a furry though

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    Well, if you like the art your'e almost there anyways. *sprinkles furry conversion powder on ya and scampers off* XD
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