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    There was a thread like this, but it was done a year and a half ago. But to the point.

    This week for my school is spirit week. I don't have much spirit for my school, but I will dress up for it. We have a whole week of diffrent things to dress up as. There was Super hero day, Nerd/old school day, Ninja day, and blue and white day. The only one I am dressing up for is Ninja day, mostly because I have a good costume set up. I didn't dress any other days because I forgot it was spirit week, and I was too tired to get anything ready. -_-

    So, what kind of spirit days do you guys have?

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    We had necktie day and school color day. One year we actually had a baby day. Nobody wore diapers as near as I can recall but lots of girls in pony tails and pacifiers.

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    We had salad dressing day one year. Really odd.
    Caesar = Toga
    Ranch = Cowboy
    Thousand Island = Hawaiian
    And some others I can't recall.

    We also had Fake Injury Day. I made myself a black eye, which was awesome. But that was a bizarre choice for spirit week.

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    for whatever reason my school always had (for the week before we played our rivals) a day to dress like a nerd to "make fun of the other school." The issue? That school is known more for having "gangstas" then nerds, our school is the one known for having the nerds. It never made sense to me.

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    Our spirit week is next week:

    Monday - Neon
    Tuesday- Camo
    Wednesday- Pirates and Sailors
    Thursday - Cartoon
    Friday - Blue (school color)

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