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Thread: The First World War is over

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    Default The First World War is over

    This Sunday, Germany will repay the last of the reparations imposed on it by the Treaty of Versailles.


    I really had no idea that Germany was still paying these, I thought they'd ended with Hitler in the 30s, but apparently the allies imposed them on West Germany, and then onto the reunited Germany after World War 2.

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    It's over? Yes, I'll go tell my great-grandfather he can get out of his trench! Thanks for the news.

    Seriously though, I had no idea Germany was still paying this either. Thanks for sharing this info; I find it fascinating.

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    It makes me wonder how much they're paying for World War 2 reparations.

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    The reparations for WW2 were much more "lenient" and spread out over all nations in it. The treaty of Versailles put almost all of the blame (and as such, the war's cost) on Germany, crippling it's economy. However, I had no idea they were still paying for it.

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    It's only a little while since the UK paid off the last of it's WW2 debts...
    BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | What's a little debt between friends?

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    Oh thank god! I was getting damn sick and tired of wearing piss-rags over my mouth when I'd forget my mask at home...

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    I wonder if Peachy will have to come up with the money? I too had no idea Germany was still paying this war dept. If you check your phone bill and you live in the U.S., you'll see you've been paying for the cost of The Spanish American War. Remember the Maine every time you pay your phone bill.

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    Wonderful. Now, if only Russia and Japan could formally end World War II. No, Russia never signed a peace treaty with Japan. They are still arguing over some barren rocks in the North Pacific, and apparently, status quo ante bellum isn't good enough.

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