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    Does anyone have nights (or all the time) where they can't sleep... especially singles...

    so they pretend that mommy or daddy is in there telling them to calm down and to go to sleep....

    tell me more what do you pretend to help you go to sleep...

    i pretend my mommy is there brushing my hair out of my face and telling me to calm down and go to sleep but if i get to fussy and whiney even after she gives me my paci...

    she threatens to spank me

    what about you?

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    ummm i didn't mean for this to go into the teen baby category... help!

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    Yeah, this is definitely an adult baby thread, lol. No worries, a moderator should be coming around soon who can move it for you .

    As for the topic, I experience this same thing quite a lot. I often imagine someone being there for me in that way. It's easy to feel that way when you're single and lonely, I suppose. So, I curl up into a ball to help myself feel warmer and hugged, and that generally helps me fall asleep.

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