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    I'm new to this site, just wanna look around a bit and read the blogs.
    I self am a real bad blogger, so i'm not gonne do that=)

    About myself, I'm a diaper lover. Dont like the idea of AB and stuff. I wear mostly at night during the week, and sometimes try to be diapered for a whole day in the weekend. I must admit that I never really holded it for 24hrs. Always ended up drinking beer in the evening and waisting to much diapers if i would continue to wear, so than i go a few ours without.... I think it would be a very strange feeling to be real incontinent.

    And o yeah, besides diapers. I do everything with my diaper on what I would normaly do without, which is studying music and everything that goes with being a professional musician. I dont know if you englisch and american guys know a conservatorium, but thats what i Do. You get a bachelor(of music) degree when you finish it. And uhh, I studie Drums.

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    Hi there, we don't really encourage people hamring their bodies to become incontinence here, so I would recommend removing that from your introduction!

    What sort of stuff do you do outside of studying and wearing diapers?

    Welcome though

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    All I do besides study is so now and then work. (I drive a truck, to tour around the country with bands).

    And besides that, all I do is study music
    First it was a hobby, but now I do it for school and try to make it my profession. But it still is a hobby, so, dont have anny time left to do other stuff.=) And I really dont mind that.

    BTW, thanks for the tip

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