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    Default Tender Night review

    There's no review for thoses yet and as they're really cheap (90 nappies for 28 + shipping), I thought it could be of some help for those who wonder how good they are, especially for us in the UK where there isn't a handful to choose from.

    The shipping is fast and discreet, nothing to complain about.
    The minimum you can order from their website is 30 nappies, which come in two packs of 15. Note that 90 nappies cost something like 20% more than .. 30 nappies. I tried with the 30 nappy pack only just to see how they are but next time i'll go for the 90 nappy offer.

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    Interesting thing is that the pack does mention, for once, "ADULT DIAPERS".
    Most brand would usually refer to as "adult briefs", or "protections" or "protective underwear", but this one is one of the only few to actually call them "diapers". Nothing exceptional but that brings a bit of excitement, and it sounds less medical than "protective something".

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    How about the nappy in itself?

    It's almost plain white other than the light blue writings and I actually like the look more than most nappies out there.

    That said, the fit isn't too great. That's the one thing I don't like about them.
    I'm 150 lbs, a year ago I could fit in a Tena Slip Small, most medium sized are slightly big on me, but believe it or not, the Tender Night would be almost too small. The nappy in itself is actually big, but the place they chose to put the tabs isn't working well on me. I still can manage to attach them but there's not much room to do so. Anyone over 160 lbs would rather go for the Large size.
    Also, the nappy tend to gets itchy after a while and it can hurt a little on your legs where the nappy's elastics are.

    The picture is not from me, those are size Small.
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    Well to be honest, I was gladly surprised by how thick they are, and they compare well with the Tena Slip Maxi.
    There are much much better than Depends or most cheap brand diapers, and although they don't have the thickness of an Abriform Xplus, it still feels very good on your butt and between your legs.

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    Despite the bad placing, they're great and won't rip off easily.
    They're the basic double tab like most diapers (Abriform Xplus, Bambinos/Cuddlz, ...). However, if you try to remove the blue tab directly from the nappy, it will rip the plastic cover.

    Not the most discreet nappies on the market, and I actually quite like that.
    They crinkle quite a bit, but it isn't enough to be noticeable when you walk down the street. Just the proper amount of noise you'd be looking for.

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    Nice review, I'm getting some soon, and I'm glad they aren't abysmal.

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    How did you find the capcity? Personely I found it disappointing for the thickness :S But then again, they are incredbly cheap .

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    Sorry, I forgot that point.
    They don't hold as much as a Tena Slip Maxi for sure, but it's far from bad. I find it decent, especially for the price.

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