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    I just wanted to see if anyone else feels this way about the Fall season. Here in Ohio the air is cool and crisp and the leaves are beginning to change color. It makes me feel s strong yearning to be back in school - I'm sure it's the association that school general starts near the Fall. But, I'm taliking about elementary school. Something about the Fall makes me want to be a little kid again going to school, like 1st or 2nd grade.

    What are your Fall associations?

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    Fall for me is about going back to school too, and the leaves changing and temps getting cooler. But it also means that ski season is soon to start. I saw on the news this morning that Loveland ski area in Colorado turned on their snow-making guns this week; maybe they will be open within a month or 6 weeks... Yea!

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    I'm just ecstatic about this cool(er) weather we're getting. Also, I'll actually be able to dress well and layer in a few months.

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    Hmm, well technically i am homeschooled so i cant really relate that well to physically going to school however ironically today... i was talking about my feelings about the fall with my psycologist lol. I suppose the fall has happy times and bad times but mostly i find that it was fun. The harvests are comming, the fall parade, the food, playing in the leafs. I remember when i was like 7 and it was fall and i wasnt really feeling to well my brother showed up out of no where and showed me a frog he found. I named it fluffy and it was like the most amazing thing ever for about like 3 hours lol. Honnestly i think theres alittlebit of youth in everything we do even if its kinda suttle. :O so whos up for some spegetti squash yayyyyyyyy!

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