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Thread: Wow very bad accident at work!

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    Default Wow very bad accident at work!

    Well it starts off im an occasional wearer but I have been getting a bit braver since I started working there. I got some attends breathables I have been wearing so they are not to bad is the main reason I have been trying it out in public. Well anways to the point:
    This happened last week:

    We were having a business class that I attended along with many others where I work. My diaper was still dry because it was only like 10:00 and during the class my stomach started cramping like crazy at first I just felt like I had to pass gas but then I started to feel it come. I was like dang I hope this goes away because I really didnt want to get up while the guy was talking. Within 5 minutes I figured I just better go. And what really sucked is they were having this class about 100 feet away in a storage building they have there. I was walking down the hill when literly I just felt it start coming out nothing extreme just a slow bit. Idk why but that has never happened in my life. By the time I made it down there it was awful....Luckily in my case I went into the bathroom for the big guys and it was by itself with a door. I dropped my pants and was like omg I finished in the toilet and got cleaned up and was disapointed because I didnt have a diaper to put back on.

    I just thought id share this. I just cant beleive what it feels like to go and not mean to.

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    Well at least you was padded. Sometimes when I get anixious I feel like I might have a accident.

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    Oh boy you dont realize how bad it sucked....I thought for sure id run into someone because I know it didnt smell to good. Thats one thing I really dont want to do again.
    And yes I am thankful I was wearing one at the time. Its just crazy I really didnt make it to the bathroom.

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