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    Hey Everyone,

    Not sure if many introductory posts get read, and straight up the site forced me to, but I'm happy to talk about myself a bit (everyone's favourite subject is themselves afterall). I don't know how active I'll be in this forum, as for many years I've acted seemingly as a bit of a lurker for all the major ABDL websites in the last 10+years. I'm not nerdy enough for forums This coming from the huge wrestling fan addicted to downloading and listening to metal and trippy music while stoned. So yeah, I'm a nerd on the inside, just an insurance salesman and funny trippy guy by day, then when alone I'm in my own world.

    I actually started posting on a semi-regular basis on the DD forum, but I felt that the people there are so lame. But then I realized that its the nature of the beast that is the internet forum. I hated how I became too self absorbed in wanting to post my views and opinions thinking they might help people. Or my comments or whatever. I feel like I certain things I said may have effected other lurkers and people who don't post on the forum, and that's all that matters. I received many messages of praise of people who are not regular posters and they totally understood where I was coming from. I've also helped some people get their balls out of their diapers and tell their girlfriends/wives about the fetish. I've also learned that its insanity to bring it up to someone you are in a serious relationship with. If you are married, you have to play a major guilt and embarrassment card and prepare the person properly before explaining it. Its a sales presentation, and the introduction is fucking key! But then again, you can show someone a great product to replace an old one that would save them money, and they won't take it. Humans are so disgustingly against change. Why limit yourself? (maybe I'm just not a good forummer, damn ranting).

    Regarding ABDL.. I've utilized ebay the last year and gotten many excellent items. I've been with a couple mommies in the past, one of which I was with many times before I was even 20 years old. I had a girlfriend for a few years and she fully embraced the fetish, but with her not being into it, and me getting more and more into it, things got messed up. We were far too different anyways (hell hath no fury like an Italian woman's scorn, jeez) but the sexual aspect of our relationship was the hottest shit ever and I discovered a lot about myself. That's behind me now, and recently I'm rekindling a relationship with a Mommy from Toronto that I had met with once in the past, but ended up going with the Italian girl for a few years instead. She remembered me, and she's an amazing dommy mommy and I'm ready to have fun and explore.

    In relation to a few statements above, it sickens me the pathetic people who complain and bitch about not having a woman or significant other in their life. I also find the a-sexual argument to be bullshit in a lot of cases. If Aunty Donna babysat them for 10 minutes they'd be turned on, they've just given up on themselves and lost any drive to better themselves, so a sexual relationship is intertwined in the self-induced 'woe-is-me' depressive state. Chemical imbalance? Damn right -- but its your fault. When are you going to start LIVING?! Haha... Maybe I'm being an asshole, and maybe its a nonsense theory, but in the end I just find that people really make excuses for themselves to not live up to the full potential of their emotions to enhance their mind, body and soul. To die and never have lived and stuff like that. And the forum thing doesn't help with the "Say less, do more" concept of getting what you really want in life.

    I travel a lot; I've been on a dozen cruises all over the world, spent a month in Thailand and Indonesia, rocked many of the major sites throughout Europe... I'd like to be financially free by the time I'm 43 years old, travel a few times a year, have my money secure in diversified investments and have a decent house with a room with a nursery. Before I would include "family", but I feel that marriage is a dying concept and our generation will continue to increase the divorce rate and decrease the average number of children to have. We live in the age of entitlement; the century of the self, and the ball the rolls down the slope gradually increases in speed with every moment that passes by.

    I know who I am, do you know who you are?


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    Welcome to the forums Jeisin! Great introduction!

    Actually, there are many members here who do read the introduction threads, and it is always great to see a new member who really has put in the time to make a good intro. Seeing the whole person instead of just another newbie with this "fetish" is always a plus.

    I think one of the biggest strengths of this site is that if you do not want to talk about diapers/this fetish, then you don't have to. We treat it as a common interest - a uniting factor - on this site, but that is definitely not the aim of this forum. It is simply a support community where we can talk about our lives. There are some cool members on this forum from all walks of life that you would not normally find on other diaper forums. We have real people here. For those reasons, I think you'll like it here.

    I hope you stay around and enjoy the community man; if you have any questions at all, don't be afraid to ask.

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    Hello there, and welcome to the forums, it really is a LONG intro, although I'm not 100% sure about good. You've certainly told us a lot about your opinions (of everything ) but little about you.

    You work in sales. You... have some hobbies, surely? Or interests? Have favourite movies and books? Tell us about them!

    Also, I noticed on your intro you talked about the sexual aspect of AB/DLism quite a lot and although everything you wrote was PG-13 I just want to remind you that we do have minors on the site, so anything more than that would be breaking the rules!

    Anyhoo, welcome to the forums, and I look forward to hearing more about you soon

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    Hey dude, I remeber you from DD :P

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    Welcome fellow Canadian! hope you enjoy it here.

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