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Thread: Clothing Sizes

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    Default Clothing Sizes

    Are there many sissy babies here? I can't find clothes that aren't purely sissy fantasy. I'd like just a simple girly pajama set that fit for a change.

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    Yeah, sissy clothes do tend to be over the top...

    There's probably some girly PJs here: Main Catalog - Jumpin Jammerz. But those are just sleepers.
    I can't think of a single site that sells girly but not sissy-fantasy clothes that would fit...

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    Try something like lands end, depending on your size you may fit into girls stuff....

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    I bought the XL sized footed sleepers from Target a few years ago. I weighed about 200 pounds then and they fit just fine.


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    Why don't you try just regular womens pajamas? Even if you went to Walmart you can get anything from Cartoon pajamas, to solid colour nighties, to frilly lingere.

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    Yeah, you girls get all the luck, what with the cute clothes at any age thing going on...

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    If your like me I get mad every time I go to the store looking for clothes period. Everything I really like is always something for a little kid. I swear if their gonna make it for a little kid they should make it for adult too! Even some of my friends that aren't TB's or anything said that if they made Limited Too clothes in ours sizes they would so be killin some limited too clothes.

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    I just get a lot of little kids made in my size special, but it gets expensive... The dress i just bought on ebay is nice, though, if a bit "sheer".

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    Well a lot of things you can find at Limited Too, Lasenza Girl, and Siblings.. all those stores, you can find at Bootlegger, Walmart and a ton more stores and almost the same thing.

    Especially character print, you can find TONS at just walmart. I was just in there and they had Care Bears, Winnie, Micky&Minnie, Tink, and tons more. You can grab the printed clothes with flowers, hearts, butterflies etc...

    Really; if you look around you can find just about anything offered in girls clothing, in Juniors. (Which goes up to size 16 womens)

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    Lands end looks promising. Their girls plus sizes are limited in variety but it's a start. What would be awesome if I had someone with me to go shopping for this stuff... Would look a lot less, odd. Meh, online shopping it is.

    I occasionally find some stuff at second hand stores. I have a disney girls fleece, size 16, that fits GREAT. but it seems to be a hit and miss thing, not much else in that size ever seems to fit. i'm only 160lbs, but i am 6'1".

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