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Thread: Bedwetting

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    Default Bedwetting

    Ok I really want to be on and learn to do so I can wet the bed involuntary. Please help.

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    You need to calm down and take a step back

    You just decided that you were going to stay in the *B/DL scene which with respect to your other post could be classified as a purge. Now it appears that you are going into a binge. You need to slow down and regulate the cycle otherwise your emotions are going to interfere with just about every part of your life.

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    Ok, after actually looking at your account, you say your incontinent. Why ask then since from what I gather you probably already wet the bed?

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    i'll agree with what kwis said but when ur ready you should just wet it over and over till u dont even feel it no more. thats how i did it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    ADISC does not give pointers on how to destroy your body.
    But your mind, now that's something else!

    As for bed wetting involuntarily, I assume, it can be achieved as I have done it a few times. You have to be able to relax and wet while lying down in the bed. Then you have to get to where you can drink a lot and still be able to go to sleep. If you've spent a lot of time diaper wetting to where you can really relax, you may on occasion wet while you're asleep. I've come out of a deep sleep wetting and it's an awesome feeling for me. Obviously this would not be the same for someone who is genuinely incontinent and wants to have a dry night for a change. Which brings up another point. Maybe you should be thankful that you aren't incontinent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alphacore View Post
    He says that he is though, that's why I'm confused/think he's lying
    He also posted a thread saying he was quitting diapers YESTERDAY.

    So yeah, he's a twat. He went from "I'm quitting" to "I want to be dependent" in 24 hours.

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