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Thread: plastic pants

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    Default plastic pants

    Today I bought my first pair. I was ableto find them at a semi local pharmacy. I am excitied to try them, but I wish I could try cloth diapers as well.

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    It is a local family owned pharmacy and medical supply store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flanders View Post
    Today I bought my first pair. I was ableto find them at a semi local pharmacy. I am excitied to try them, but I wish I could try cloth diapers as well.
    Wait! I remember you from TBDL.
    i havent tried plastic pants, no

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    I own a few plastic pants (clear ones), but I rarely use them. I only wear them with my cloth diapers, which I wear only every few weeks, so the plastic pants just sit around unused most of the time.
    I certainly won't be wearing them without anything underneath - sounds like a perfect way to get a rash in no time, and wearing them over disposables just isn't my thing as I like to hear and feel the disposable's plastic and don't need extra leak protection either.


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    Plastic pants can be fun.

    Go take a shower with them on and watch what happens.

    Also... you don't necessarily need cloth diapers. You can always pin a towel around your waist... or layer multiple pairs of underwear now that you have the appropriate outer covering.

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    I have 4 pairs, 2 of them are clear and the other two with cloth prints on the outside. Very cute, but i only use them every once in a while when im concerned that my disposables will leak. When i do use the cloth ones, however, they work great. Congrats on the purchase!

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    I order my cloth online at Amazon. You'll want to be careful about washing the plastics, because oil from skin, etc. will deteriate them. I wash them in the shower when I take my shower, and use shampoo on them. It makes them smell good. Then I hang them up to dry. They will last a lot longer that way.

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    I have a few packs of cheap ones I bought a few years ago, I havent used them in over a year, some of the packs are still unopened if someone wants some, they are medium and large.

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