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Thread: Something interesting on a license place

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    Default Something interesting on a license place

    Today my husband and I left to head home from grocery shopping and in front of us is a license plate that says "I wear."

    We both wondered if it meant he wears diapers but we weren't sure.

    What do you think?

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    If it was a nice/expensive car.. it could mean he/she wears the pants in the family and make all the important decisions.. like buying a nice or expensive car.

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    Meh, it could mean anything.

    Now if you saw a license plate that read "ABDL", it might be a different story :P

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    Hmm... I saw a car that said "Daddys". I figured the girl was just a rich twat. Glad to know that a fetish isn't the first thing that comes to mind in my day-to-day life.

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    It could have something to do with glasses too. Maybe the owner sells glasses or is and eye doctor.

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    I'm betting on the "pants in the family" thing

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    It could mean aything but it would be kool if it ment that he/she wears diapers.

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    Could mean funny hats. Or rather, I WISH it meant funny hats. That would be awesome.

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    I finally figured it out..

    the person wears a eye monocle and a top hat with a cane in otherwords... It's mr.peanut!!!

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    More or less unrelated, but a long time ago, I saw a car with the license plate DCLXVI, which made me really torn as to whether or not I wanted to see who was driving.

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