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Thread: What is your Favorite TV Show Theme Song?

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    Default What is your Favorite TV Show Theme Song?

    Last week I was watching the new TV series HAWAII 50. I thought the theme song was good. So, I want to know what you all think and it, and, what are some of your favorite TV Theme Songs?

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    I love the theme tune to the Poddington Peas, not sure why but it makes me happy.

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    I loved the sonic underground opening. That was pretty sweet.

    My favorite is the big bang theory.

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    I have to give a shout-out to the Simpsons. Otherwise, I wouldn't be a true fan would I?

    As for theme songs with lyrics though, how could you not like... from my childhood... drum roll....
    The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

    (sorry, they disabled embedding on that one, and that's the extended version, but it's interesting to hear the extra verse if you never knew there was one )

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    If you have trouble picking a favorite, I think this one should nail it.

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    Opening theme for Gantz. Awesome opening theme for one of the most nihilistic things I have ever watched.

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    I always liked the theme music for CSI Miami, and obviously it was done by The Who. I'm amazed the lead singer can still sing the scream as he did at the Super Bowl.

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    Mother fucking Inspector Gadget. Hear it once, it's never out of your head.

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