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    I'm posting this in the DL section because this involves diapers.

    OK, last night, I had a dream that me and my friend who I've known since I was 4 years old (she's a girl) were in a hotel room. While there, I saw that she had hidden some Goodnites in her bag, and I'm like "Pauline, why do you have diapers in your bag?" She blushed and confessed, "Well, I kinda like them. I've had a problem with bed wetting ever since I moved to Connecticut(she moved when we were like ten but moved back this summer.). I was really surprised, and since this was a dream, I asked her "Are you a DL?" and she blushed again and said "Yes." I was so happy that I confessed that I was a DL as well, and then we started making out. Then, OK I'll just say this bluntly, we mad love. It was amazing. When we stopped, we were both diapered, laying in bed, holding each other. When I woke up, I was so confused. She's been my friend forever, and though I've sometimes thought that I liked her, I don't know if I really do. I have a thing for another girl my age, but this feeling that I got from my dream.... it felt so right. Do you think that I really like this girl? I think I might.

    PS- I just thought of a way I could make this into a story, any takers?

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    I think you like her... as long as that other girl doesn't think your flirting with her or anything cultivate your relationship with your friend and hope it blooms.

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    Well, only you know if you like this girl. But dreams and the subconscious are very complex - having a dream in which you are sexually attracted to somebody doesn't necessarily mean that you are subconsciously attracted to her in real life. I have had sex dreams about many people I would not dream of going after in real life! There could be any number of reasons why your subconscious caused you to have a diaper dream involving this friend, and why in the dream you made love - you have known this girl for a long time so perhaps she signifies security, comfort, nostalgia or other feelings diapers may also conjure up for you. It might be that you do like this girl as more than a friend, but don't go searching for feelings that aren't there - if you tell yourself you like this girl just because of the dream, and it later turns out you're not compatible as anything more than friends, it could put strain on your friendship. Remember that just because it all worked out so well in the dream doesn't mean it would be anything like that in real life.

    As for making it in story, bear in mind that the 'boy discovers girl friend likes diapers too and they end up together' storyline has been done many, many times before, so if you do decide to make it into a story think about how you could but an original spin on the idea.

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    Thanks for the advice. As for the story, it's not going to be an exact copy of the dream, but I would modify it so that it is somewhat original.

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    There's a whole lot of ways you can interpret semi-realistic dreams like these ones. I'm going to go over the more likely reasons for you.

    Most likely reason, based on your description of it, is that deep down, you like(love?) her enough that you were subconsciously thinking about her as you went into the dream state. Dreams like these tend to "make" you notice the person more when you're awake, normally leading to increased social interaction.

    If your dream was especially vivid, and you don't recall controlling the events that took place, then your subconscious may have generated what seems to be an unlikely, but very possible event. Perhaps there's something about this girl that made you associate her with diapers? The subconscious mind tends to put together the little hints that we don't think about while we're awake.

    Just thought I'd throw my two cents in.

    Edit: I forgot to mention. Without having the dream myself, there's no way for me to tell what kinds of details you don't remember, or things that may have had great significance that you didn't think to post. If you remember a specific time on a clock, for instance, it could be significant.

    Also, never put too much stock in the most obvious parts of your dreams. I once had a dream about having sex in the back of my car while it was driving itself down the road. I realized later that the content had little to do with what the dream was really about. The dream could have been a symbolic one, and the girl you mentioned could be the first girl that your mind thought to use for the situation.
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    Just a warning here man, you might be straight and have a crush on this girl you've known all your life. Might want to get that checked out by a doctor, because if things get much worse, it could lead to you trying to start a relationship. If things progress from there, it may lead to a more intimate relationship. Should your worst fears come true, she is accepting of you and it may lead to a long term, devastating illness known as marriage. (sorry, just had to)

    Honestly dude, you're alright. I've had some dreams like this before, accept mine were always a lot sadder, and involved mostly just me, lol. I guess even in my dreams I didn't think I had a chance with the ladies, LOL.

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    I would guess you just subconsciously crushing on her. Then again the way we interpret our dreams is dependent upon the person in most cases. As for the diapers, maybe you just want to crush on someone who shares the same likings as you, but as I said before it's all usually dependent upon the person.

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    Ok I know this is gonna sound a little silly but you said she had goodnites in her bag right? Do you remmember if they were boys or girls. Chances are that if they were boys then you dream was more comfort related beings that boys would be what you are use to and comfortable with. (I'm guessing hereon you wearing boys not girls if I'm wrong I'm very sorry) if it was girls goodnights ( now this is saying you have seen them, your mind can't put anything together you havny experienced) then that would base the dream on a more realistic level meaning that the feelings that were expreced in the dream are quite possibly real ( to an extent ). Now I'm not saying omg they were girls I'm gonna try to be the best boyfriend ever. I'm just giveing my 2 cents on it. I've had a dream like that before I think around age 16. The girl whew man she was something else I mean beautiful to the core but sadly no chance in heck of her being an AB/DL. stupid comfort dreams get your hopes all up for notin

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